How To Teach Your Dog to Sleep in his Bed

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Puppy on his bed
Most of us are guilty of sharing our beds with our pets. It’s too hard to resist their pleading faces! However, there are many reasons why we probably shouldn’t. Some suggest it’s not safe, it disrupts our sleep and might even undermine our place as pack leader. If you want your pup to relocate to his own bed, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Think about Goldilocks: You want to choose just the right size bed for your pooch. It can’t be too big or too small or too soft or too hard; it has to be just right. It should be comfortable enough that you wouldn’t mind cuddling in it for hours on end. When making this purchase, it is not the time to be cheap – you might have to spend a little more than you thought, but it will be worth it.

Step 2

Location is the name of the game: Think about where you want your dog’s bed to be located. If he’s used to sleeping with you at night, then your best bet for him using his bed at nighttime is to put it in the bedroom. If you’re using it as a deterrent from lying on your couch, place his bed in the living room.

Step 3

 Encourage his curiosity: Without a doubt, your dog is going to wonder what this new piece of “furniture” is. Coax him over to the bed by lying down beside it, calling his name and patting the bad. Use treats and affection as needed

Step 4

Use what he knows. Once he approaches the bed, have him sit and lie down on it, using the “sit” and “down” commands. Encourage him to “stay” and pet him until he relaxes into the bed.

Step 5

Put a name to it: It will be easier to ask your dog to go to bed if you attach a command to it. For instance, you can teach him that when you say, “Bedtime,” it means he needs to get to his bed.

Step 6

Last resort: If your dog is having difficult grasping the concept of his bed, you can put the bed in a crate and put the dog in the crate. In time, he should adapt to the idea that from now on you’ll require him to sleep on a dog bed.

This article was written by Collin Walker who writes for Pet Super Store which is an online pet shop featuring designer dog beds, dog strollers, and patio pet door.

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