How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk

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Parrot owners are able to have a unique relationship with their pets because of a parrot's ability to communicate. It takes a trusting relationship and dedication to the practice, but these simple steps will help you in your journey to conversation!

Step 1

Find the best communicator in the house (probably not your husband). But seriously, pets learn to speak best when they are being trained one on one with a person who has time to develop a trusting relationship with them.

Step 2

Bathe them in the language. Place your parrot in an area of the home where a lot of people gather and much conversation occurs. Allow your parrot to be immersed in conversation and adapt to his new surroundings before you begin to officially train him.

Step 3

Remove distractions when it's time to get serious. Have other family members and pets leave the room when you're ready to begin your lessons.

Step 4

Choose a time of day that will remain consistent. Parrots are typically most vocal in the early morning and evening so this might be the best time to schedule your "talk time."

Step 5

Spend about 15-20 minutes repeating a one or two syllable word that correlates to a specific action or object. For instance, you can say "hello" and wave at the same time you can say "peanut" and show him (or feed him!) a peanut each time you say it.

Step 6

Don't be stingy with the treats. When your parrot mimics you, be prepared to reward him with a treat he enjoys. Parrots (like most of us) are motivated by food and will soon make the association.

Step 7

Repeat this practice often and regularly!

If you find that you don't have the time to increase his vocabulary by practicing this routine daily with your parrot, you can resort to a tape-recorded message. Just keep in mind that this won't be as meaningful because your parrot won't be making the connection to the activity or object being spoken. It's also likely that your parrot will become bored with the tape-recorder; it's not an adequate substitute for a human!

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