How To Tell If a Puppy Has Heart Problems

It is quite hard to determine if your puppy has a congenital heart disease. To the naked eye, a pup is usually playful, hyperactive and never seems to get easily tired. Everything looks and feels normal even if you touch all parts of your little pooch's furry body, not knowing that there is a slight difference inside his system-particularly in his heart. Your unawareness of that tiny internal flection can be the beginning of a series of heart problems as your puppy grows. If still not treated properly, this can lead to a serious medical implication often causing fatal results. This can be a very painful experience for your pet. That is why it is essential that you know if your pup has a heart condition. Read on to learn more.

  1. Lack of interaction. A puppy usually feels something when he does not play or even try to interact with other puppies or dogs. He would always be with you and would always try to get your attention to please you but other than that, your puppy is either lying down or sitting beside you. Although this does not necessarily mean that your little pooch has heart problems but it is a very good indication that he has when you see this kind of behavior along with following symptoms below.
  2. A heart that murmurs. An early sign that your pup has heart problems is through checking his heartbeat (preferably with a stethoscope). Your vet will be able to hear this through "murmurs."  Yes, a puppy's heart "murmurs" when heart problems are imminent. When you listen to it on a stethoscope, you will hear the regular heartbeat, which usually sounds like "lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub."   The murmur is a swishing sound that comes in between the "lub" and the "dub."  So a puppy has a heart problem when instead of hearing the plain "lub-dub" heartbeat, you will hear "lub-swish-dub."
  3. Faint spells. A puppy plays most of the time and sometimes, too much can be really tiring. It is normal to see your pup lie down after playing in complete exhaustion and sleep. However, it is not at all normal when you see him collapse in the middle of playing and does not wake up no matter how hard you try. This is a good sign that your pooch has a faint heart.
  4. Tired much? Carefully observe your pup if he gets tired very easily. Usually, puppies can play all day long and then flop on the ground and rest. If your little one gets tired after thirty minutes of playing, then there must be something wrong with his heart.
  5. Regular checkup is a must!!! Consistently visit your vet in a regular manner. This way, you can be very sure if your puppy has heart problems or not through careful examination by a professional animal doctor.

Always pay very close attention to your canine's behavior and attitude towards things. Being observant at all times can make it easier for you to determine if there is something wrong with your puppy. Remember, a puppy needs constant care and attention like a baby, so make sure you treat him accordingly. Having a regular checkup with your vet will also ensure your pooch's health. Good luck!


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