How To Tell Your Dog No

Teaching your pet to behave properly is a must to ensure everyone’s peace of mind. As soon as you get your dog, you must teach him to obey your commands and that no means no. Here’s how.

  1. Start him young. It may be cute and endearing when your little puppy is jumping happily and scrambling on you. However, it can become a problem once he reaches his adult size and becomes a full grown dog. Start training him as a puppy so you don’t confuse him when he’s older and more set in his way. Remember the old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.
  2. Be consistent. If there is more than one person in the home, everyone has to be on the same page when it comes to the dog’s discipline. If even one person allows the unacceptable behavior, such as jumping on the sofa or knocking down people, it will be more difficult to enforce the rules. Just like in young children, consistency is key. Also, use the same command so your dog doesn’t get confused. For example, if you don’t want him to jump on you, say “Drop” instead of saying “Down”. He may take “down” to mean to lie down on the floor.
  3. Use a firm tone of voice. Don’t beg your pet to follow you. You have to act as the alpha so that he will obey your command. There’s no need to shout, but you must sound strong and authoritative.
  4. Keep commands simple. The less words the better. One word commands are easier than entire phrases.
  5. Keep the object that incites your dog. If he’s fascinated by your throw pillows and wants to chew on it, keep it out of his line of vision and at the same time give the command to stop. If your dog won’t obey, distract him as a last resort.
  6. Make eye contact. Make sure your body language is consistent with what you are saying. If you say no, don’t say it with a smile. Your dog will think it’s a game. Stand and keep your hand in front of you.
  7. As soon as he starts exhibiting the behavior you don’t want, address the issue immediately. It will become harder to break him of his bad habit.
  8. If your dog doesn’t obey you in spite of commands, you will need to bring him outside. Take him his collar and take him out of the house. Don’t hit your dog, but he will need to realize that his actions have consequences.
  9. Walk your dog so he can work off his excess energy. It may be harder to make your dog obey you when he’s restless and has been cooped up indoors all day.
  10. If you cannot handle your dog, consider enrolling him in obedience school. Hire a professional to help you train your dog if you can’t do it yourself. You may need to spend an afternoon with your dog whisperer so you can be more effective.

Getting your dog to obey you is crucial. Just like children, you must discipline your dog so that he doesn’t cause havoc in your home and be a threat in the neighborhood. No one wants an out of control dog. Once you master the skills of getting your dog to obey you immediately when you say no, you should be able to take your dog anywhere and enjoy many hours together.


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