How To Train a Bullmastiff

A bullmastiff is not your usual dog. For the physical appearance, a bullmastiff is scary looking. It is technically a big dog with muscular body. A bullmastiff is also an intelligent dog. If you train your bullmastiff, you will definitely not be disappointed by the results of the training. All you have to do is know the right way to teach your bullmastiff.

Here are some ways on how to train a bullmastiff:

  1. If your bullmastiff is still a puppy, it is advisable to start training him. Starting to train him while he is still young will yield to greater and more successful result. As a puppy he already has a big body since they are generally big dogs, therefore you should make him get used to his big body while he is still young. Mostly, agility is being developed if you start to train your bullmastiff if you start training him at an early age.
  2. Make a schedule for your training. You should plan a certain time of the day to train your dog and you should stick to the schedule and be consistent with the time. Through this, the dog will get the meaning that you are serious and will therefore take you seriously. Even though a bullmastiff is an intelligent dog, it will still take a lot of time for him to learn the skills that you want to teach him.
  3. Decide on what method of communication you want to use with your bullmastiff. You can use a whistle, collar, leash, or a combination of both. You can also just use words, but it depends on his ability to listen to you even if you do not use a medium for getting his attention.
  4. Reward. For every action that he did correctly, never forget to give him a dog treat. This is the main thing that dog anticipates in a training is the treat. If you give him one after doing a command correctly, most likely he will do it again to get another treat. But make sure that you give it to him immediately after expressing your approval so that he will be able to associate the treat with the action that he did.
  5. Since bullmastiffs are intelligent dogs, they will understand if you tell them that what they did was wrong. However, in order to train them not to do the something that you do not like, you must catch them in the act of doing it. If he is biting a shoe or slipper, tell him “no” with authority, and remove the shoe that he is biting. This training will also take a long time so always observe your dog so that you will be able to teach him not to do it again. Only give him a treat if he does something right.

Training your bullmastiff can take a long time, probably months. The key is to be patient when training your dog, and also do not lose your calm. If you do this correctly, you will soon reap the reward of having a behaved and disciplined dog.


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