How To Train your Puppy to Urinate Outside

First Time Puppy Owners Should Read This

Many people become frustrated when it comes to training their puppy to urinate outside.  What people do not know is that it is fairly easy to train your pup; you just have to be dedicated and committed to guide your pup to his proper destination to urinate, and that it outside.  When you first bring your pup home, he will be somewhat timid of his new surroundings just because he is not used to being away from his mother.      

Step 1

What not to do.  You hear a lot of people say they train their pups by rubbing their nose into their pee stain and swat them on the butt and firmly saying, "NO!" Well folks, I know from personal experience that this course of action does not work!  All the puppy knows is that he is getting hit for some unknown reason.  Puppies at that age are too young to comprehend a mistake followed by a punishment.  The puppy cannot register this concept yet.  I believe there is a way better method to training your pup without physical abuse.     

Step 2

Praise. Telling your dog how well he did after he did his business is probably the most important step to training your puppy to urinate outside.  Puppies get so excited when you show them how wonderful they did and as time goes on, he will come to realize he will get praised or get a treat every time he goes to the bathroom.  So always praise your pup after his good deed.


Step 3

When to take him outside.  Puppies have very tiny bladders and it seems they have to go every five minutes, but that is not the case.  You should take your puppy out every time he wakes up, after a meal, before he goes to bed, and most importantly, after he is done playing.  After playing is an important one since when they are that young, they get real excited and tend to urinate more.  If you take them out before it is time for them to go to bed, and he seems like he does not want to go,  play with him and get him excited; this seems to make them want to go to the restroom more quickly.

Over time, that pup will start to realize that the outdoors is where he needs to go to the bathroom.  If you follow these methods, it will usually put your dog on a schedule.  It will think OK, I just woke up--it is time to go pee. Or I just got done eating, it is time to pee.  Training a pup is very easy. There are many different ways to train your puppy to urinate outside, but this particular way always works for me.


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Taking your puppy out on a schedule is a great advice (Worked for me too). Thanks for sharing.

By Anonymous