How To Treat a Dog's Eye Infection

Your dog has eye infection if it is suffering from reddish or inflamed eyes and has unusual moisture from its eyes. Untreated and neglected dog's eye infection can lead to difficulty in seeing or worse, blindness.

Better not wait for tomorrow, try to treat your dog's eye infection now. Here are some ways to treat eye infection in dogs:

  • Saline solution. Sometimes, dogs get eye-infection-like irritation because of some allergic triggers in the environment. If you suspect that's the reason why your dog has reddish eyes, then simply wash its eyes with saline solution. This is the same solution you use for cleaning your eyes before and after wearing contact lens. Try other solutions if you see no improvement after two days of continuous use of saline solution.
  • Antibiotic. This is usually in the form of eye drops. You have to put drops of this antibiotic on your dog's eyes many times everyday until the redness and inflammation are gone. Sometimes, the dog might still need oral antibiotics in case the infection is caused by allergy.
  • Cotton ball and lukewarm water. Removing the discharge from the dog's eyes will be very helpful in treating the infection. Make sure the cotton ball is clean before you soak it with lukewarm water. Squeeze the water out unto the dog's eyes. Gently wipe the discharge away from the eyes. You may use a clean soft cloth in place of the cotton ball. Do this at least twice a day or as frequently as needed.
  • Eye scrub. You can buy this from your nearest pet drugstore. This thing is pH-balanced that unlike water, will not cause any stinging feeling on the eyes.
  • Tears. Help your dog to shed some tears so its eyes can be washed. You may also use artificial tears and drop some on the dog's eyes.
  • Warm compress. Putting a warm compress over the affected eye and keeping it there for about five minutes will help soothe the infection. You can use the same warm compress to the other eye for as long as you have washed it before the application.
  • Keep hair out. Hair around the eye corner can irritate the eyes and might worsen the eye infection. You can cut the hair or brush the hair away from the dog's eyes, too.
  • Homeopathic treatment. There are certain herbs you can prepare for the eye infection. Some of these are the burdock, rosemary, meadowsweet, and Chelidonium majus. All these are found to be helpful in curing dog's eye infection.

Closely monitor any improvement or changes in your dog's eyes. If nothing happens after about seven days of medication or if the infection gets worse, you better see the vet quickly. Your dog might be in need of a different medication.

Acting as soon as possible is already a big help for your dog's eye infection. But continuously monitoring your dog's condition until it gets better or free from infection is always a better help.


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