How To Treat a Sick Parrot

Parrots are also living creatures, yet many people hardly recognize the fact that they also need proper care and that they also do get sick just like any other living creature does. Parrots, as well as other birds, are very fragile creatures. A simple illness can quickly aggravate and can easily progress into a fatal, irreversible condition. Therefore, when you notice that your parrot is acting ill, the best course of action is to rush it to your veterinarian.

However, there are times when a veterinarian is not readily available or accessible. In cases like these, you need to be able to take care of your sick parrot until you can take it to the vet. Here are some ideas on how to treat your sick parrot.

  • Isolation. This is the first thing that you must do. You need to keep your parrot away from the other parrots or other birds so that whatever is causing your parrot's illness will not spread to the other birds.
  • Warmth. Cold temperature will aggravate your bird's sickness. You need to keep your parrot warm and comfortable. Place its cage away from drafts. You can also try aiming a grow light at the cage, but don't direct it at your parrot. Make sure that the light does not hit some areas of the cage so that the parrot can stay there if the light gets too hot.
  • Makeshift Hospital. If your parrot is too weak to even perch, you can transfer it to a makeshift hospital container. An ideal container would be a glass aquarium. Lay some clean rags on the bottom of the aquarium and place shallow dishes of bird feed and water into the aquarium. You may also put a freestanding low perch inside so that your parrot can sit on it when it wants. Keep the container warm by shining light on it, but keep the light shining on only one side.
  • Adequate Nutrition. Your parrot can easily grow weaker if it is deprived of proper nutrition and water. If you have a hand-fed parrot, you can try feeding it with a few drops of sports drink. Use either a small spoon or an eyedropper. The electrolytes in the sports drink will help your parrot sustain its energy. If you feed your parrot with a ready formula, you can mix it with the sports drink so that your parrot will be able to rehydrate and eat food at the same time. Make sure that clean water is always available near your parrot.
  • Bleeding. Check your parrot for any bleeding. If it is bleeding, you need to administer first aid to stop the bleeding before you can take your pet to the vet. You can apply styptic powder over the bleed to prevent it from further bleeding. You can also try putting a pinch of flour over the bleeding part to help the blood coagulate and avoid further bleeding.

It is very crucial that you take your sick parrot to a vet at the first chance that you get. But, if you need to delay for one reason or another, follow the tips described in this article to keep your parrot comfortable and cozy while waiting for the doctor.


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