How To Treat Bladder Stones in Your Dog

Dog with vets

Just like humans, dog can suffer from bladder stones. When this happens, your dog will have trouble urinating. He will also feel excruciating pain while urinating. You may also find some blood in your dog’s urine. When the case is severe, you will notice that your dog always feels uncomfortable. If you think your dog is suffering from bladder stones, it is important for you to give proper treatment.

There are different treatments for bladder stones. The following are the most effective ones.

  • Give your dog antibiotics. When your dog caught the formation of bladder stones at an early stage, antibiotics may be enough to remove it. You may also use specialized medications for your dog. These antibiotics will dissolve the stones in the bladder of your dog. This will save your dog from a surgical operation. This is also much cheaper as compared to other treatments. However, you must first consult a vet before giving your dog antibiotics. The vet will know the best way to administer medicine on your dog. If the vet thinks that surgery is the best option, you should go with this treatment.
  • Consider urinary catheterization. This procedure is a common way of treating bladder stones. It uses a long tube called catheter. This tube serves as a suction tube. The vet will insert the tube into your dog’s urinary to tract to reach the bladder. This procedure attempts to eradicate the bladder stone and urine at the same time. This will wash down what causes pain to your dog. It will also remove urine obstruction.
  • Have surgery performed on your dog. If catheterization is not enough, your dog may need to undergo surgery. This happens when the bladder stones are too large to use a catheter. The surgical procedure is the same with humans. Your first choice should be a clinic with the best veterinarian.
  • Consider altering your dog’s diet. Another way of treating your dog’s bladder stone is through alteration of his diet. Remember that formation of bladder stones may come back. Although you may have done a procedure to remove it before, there may be a chance that it will recur. This is why a new diet is important. Make sure you follow the diet prescribed by the vet.
  • Plenty of water may help in preventing bladder stones. Plenty of water may help prevent bladder stones from recurring. It also helps in removing toxins. Make sure to give filtered water to your dog. This will prevent chemicals received from tap water from entering your dog’s body.
  • Give your dog supplements to prevent stone formation. The best cure is prevention. If you do not want your dog to suffer from bladder stones again, better give your dog supplements. There are supplements in the market that can prevent formation of bladder stones. You will find natural supplements that do not have side effects. Search for supplements that have Cantharis. Uva Ursi is also an herb for preventing bladder stones.

These are the most effective ways of treating bladder stone formation. Bladder stones may greatly affect your dog’s physical health. These treatments will help you get your dog’s health back. For further information, consult a vet about which treatment is best for your dog’s condition.


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