How To Treat Canine Skin Allergies

Is your pooch scratching like crazy? Causes of skin allergy in dogs vary from their diet, their soap or shampoo, and also environmental factors. Dogs with skin allergies are observed to have rashes and discoloration or other abnormalities on their skin. The following steps may help you in treating your dogs who suffer from skin allergies:

Step 1

You have to identify first what causes your dog's allergy. The allergy may be caused by irritation from the shampoo or soap, allergy from food, insects and other parasites, or other environmental factors like dust. To be sure about this, seek for a veterinarian's help and have your dog's skin tested.

Step 2

As soon as you discover the cause of your dog's skin allergy, you have to limit the dog's exposure to what triggers the allergy so as not to worsen the irritation.

Step 3

One common treatment is to wash your dog with a soap or shampoo to remove dust and other irritants that may have caused the itching. There are medicated soaps and shampoos that are intended for dog's skin allergies. You may ask for your veterinarian's prescription.

Step 4

To ease the symptoms of the allergy, you can buy hydrocortisone cream or spray in pet shops. Apply this formula to your dog's skin, particularly to the area of irritation.


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