How To Use a Gentle Leader Collar

Dogs are not only used to guard houses and properties but also serve as friends to make people happy. The best ways to maximize the potential of dogs is to train them. It is not easy to do but you can by investing more effort and patience. Fancy dog collars such as a gentle leader collar and gentle leader harness are the best tools to help you do this job.

Here are the instructions on how to use the gentle leader collar:

  1. Introduce the gentle collar to your dog. Give your dog some time to get acquainted with the gentle leader collar.
  2. Make sure that the gentle collar fits your dog. Ensure that one of your fingers fit under the collar as it is worn by your dog. Make sure that the nose part of the collar should be a half distant with the dog’s eyes. In using a gentle collar, its clip should be constricted below the chin. Make sure that your finger fits in the space. You may consult pictures to perform this step better.
  3. Now you are ready to use the gentle collar. Let us use the reinforcement system to make this job easier. Prepare a treat for dogs (a piece of meat or bone will do). Hold the collar with a treat.
  4. Call your dog and give the food while uttering “collar” in a very nice and sweet tone.
  5. Use another treat. Place it on your hand. Give it to the dog while calling “collar”. Do not forget to use a very calm and sweet tone. Do not allow the dog to eat first. Let him lick the food while you slip the collar over his face. While your dog is licking the food, you may now fasten the collar to his neck and tighten it properly. Do not forget our rule in tightening a collar. See step number two.
  6. Observe how your dog reacts to the collar. If your dog look worried with the collar, distract him by playing with the collar. You may also play with the dog using his favorite toy (e.g. Frisbee, ball, bone). Make sure that the dog ignores the collar. If you succeed, and the dog ignores it for about two to four minutes, remove his collar and play with him for about two minutes. Perform this trick three times a day or as often as you can. Just play with the dog while he is wearing the collar, slightly reduce the feeding game.
  7. Observe your dog. Make sure that he is distracted for about five minutes before you attach the gentle leader leash. Once you attach the leash, play with the dog (this time the dog is both wearing the leash and the collar). Once the dog is relaxed, you may now detach both the collar and the leash. Continue playing with your dog. You should play with the dog, until his irritant reaction to the collar and leash reduces. Again, do not forget to reduce the food game. These steps are also applicable to halti and other halters for dogs.

Continue these exercises. Do not worry because the gentle leader premier will help you get and sustain the attention of your gentle leader dog for your daily activities such as outdoor walks and plays, proper manners, and training. Buy a gentle collar premier and other halters for your dog now!


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