How To Kill Spiders: Spider Pest Control

Get Tips to Eliminate Common Spiders Around Your House

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Spider sightings seem to peek a few times a year. Most noticeable is late fall, when spiders seem to find a way to creep inside the warmth of your house. Then the spring comes, and guess what? They're back. So what's the best way to kill these creatures? Here are some helpful suggestions about spider pest control.

As with anything you want to eliminate, prevention is the preferable and easier option. Kill spiders and more will come.  If you don't focus on killing spiders, but realign your priorities to keeping the outside of your house clean, you will prevent infestations. Clean dust and web build-up in the eaves, around windows, and on the underside of doors with a long-poled duster. You may very well kill spiders in the process!

Traps can be an effective way to kill spiders in your house. Much like ant or mouse-traps, spider-traps kill by attracting, then neutralizing. The big benefit to killing spiders with traps is that you don't have to deal with the spiders directly. In fact, with spider-traps in your house to kill spiders, you may even ever seen one!

Dstroy spiders using sprays. A good spray can kill with excellent efficiency. Make sure to use a liberal amount, since they are bigger than other common household pests. Using a spray also means you won't have to come into direct contact with the spider.

There are also special sprays that deal specifically with spider eggs, a more hands-off way to kill spiders. With these pesticides you can lay down coats around the edges of your house, and then allow the spray to do its job without your help!

Consider hiring an exterminator to kill spiders for you! Exterminators handle the entire issue. No mess, no fuss, just a clean house so you don't have to deal with the problem yourself.

Last resort--particularly if you know that the spider is harmless--kill spiders by trapping them against the wall or the floor with a generous handful of paper towels, tissue, or toilet paper. The goal is to kill spiders, not touch them, and so make sure to put a few layers between you and wee beastie.


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