Make A Pirate Cat Costume

There are many cat costumes available for you to purchase, but why not pick up a simple pattern and create your own. When you make a pirate cat costume you have more choices on what color of fabric you want to use. If your favorite tabby has bright blue eyes, adding a blue sash to your seafaring felines costume will make it more than flattering. Maybe your cat has more body and fur and would prove to be a more rotund swashbuckler, by making your own pirate cat costume, you will help your larger friend be more comfortable in its custom made outfit, than in a purchased one.

As far as the materials needed to create this one of a kind captain of the high seas costume, you have a large amount of choices. Usually a pattern will give many sizes and ideas in one package. On front of the costume pattern there are some color combination ideas. A pirate cat costume must contain lots of flashy fabrics. There should be satiny reds and smooth blacks. Purchase some fancy trim and some large shiny buttons. If you have any questions, ask someone at the store for help before you leave.

Once you get the pattern home, you need to pull it all out of the package. Make sure to find the pieces that are the right size for your cat. Pin all of the pattern pieces onto your fabric, paying close attention to which color you want for each piece. After its all pinned on, you need to cut the fabric around the pattern pieces. Remove the pinned pattern pieces from the fabric.

Pull out your sewing machine for this next part. Sew the pieces together and trim off all strings and extra edges. The next step is the really fun part, trimming the costume. You can sew on the trim or if you have a heavy duty craft clue , you could just glue it on. You want to make sure it will be attached securely enough so that your cat will not be able to get it off and chew on it. You want them to be safe.

The pirate cat costume that you have made will be so cute that you will want to search in the local newspapers for any pet parades around. Some pet stores have costume contests at different times of the year.

You will definitely want to show off your handiwork and your adorable kitty.


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