Make Parrot Toys

Some people that are new to having parrots as a pet may not realize just how important parrot toys are to their pets. Toys are not an optional accessory. It’s just the opposite, parrots must be entertained. Toys keep your parrots beak trimmed; they provide mental challenges and encourage exercise in the process.

Most people will start out by purchasing parrot toys at their local pet shop or even online. At this point they don’t really quite realize that any and every toy will be destroyed by the parrot and eventually need to be replaced.

You can really learn this way about what some of the best toys are for your bird and what he really likes. So in that respect it’s a good training tool for the owner. And then the next lesson to play into this for the owner is how expensive parrot toys are to purchase.

After taking note of the types of toys that keep your parrot intrigued for hours, you can go out and buy many raw materials and make parrot toys at a fraction of the cost yourself. One of the materials that can be used to make toys is fiber ropes such as jute or cotton and they need to be all natural fiber ropes. Nylon ropes need to be avoided.

Leather is an excellent material that birds can play with for hours. They love to chew on its soft texture. They really like it braided into knots.

You can make little wooden toys too. Just cut up some squares for them to play with, making sure you only work with the safe types of wood such as Balsa, Pine, Poplar, Elm and Apple.

Did you know that you can buy kits for making parrot toys? The kits contain all the parts and you just put them together to make a toy. What’s neat about using the kits is that you can get different kits and mix and match the parts to come up with new types of toys. When you make new toys totally from scratch it can involve a lot of cutting and drilling, so using some pre-made parts can save you a lot of work.

When you make parrot toys you need to evaluate each and every one of them to be sure they will be safe for your bird to play with. Sit back and enjoy watching your bird having fun with his new toys that you made and saved a bunch of money on.


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