Train a Parrot

To have a special bond with your pet parrot, training him would be most important! Trained parrots are so much more fun to have around and as well, you will reap so many rewards and enjoyment as you live a long life with your pet parrot.

One of the first steps to train your parrot would be learning how to handle him. If you have no experience in training, this can be quite tricky. Parrots sense if you are nervous with them, so first thing to do is try and be calm. Watch your parrot for a few minutes, seeing if you can identify the reasons that makes him bite. Is it something in the room? Is it someone making him uncomfortable? Is it a body movement you make that tends to lead him to bite? Sometimes parrots will bite if they want you to leave them alone and you are trying to handle them. In this case, you should leave your parrot alone. Usually if you consistently put your parrot in its cage and shut the door when it bites, it will identify the punishment you are giving him when he bites.

Training your parrot to talk is quite a task as well. The most important thing to know is that you should do this alone, as more than one person can make the parrot quite uncomfortable. All parrots have a natural ability to repeat sounds and talking to your parrot often as well as singing to him stimulates him to try and make the sounds you are. Every time you handle your parrot, feed him, put him in his cage, play with him, using his name over and over will soon trigger his natural response to try and repeat what you are saying. Parrots learn to talk by listening to you, so the more you talk to your parrot and repeat common and simple words, the faster they are going to be able to pick up on these.

Parrots love to be rewarded. Giving your parrot a favorite treat of his when he has successfully made progress in speaking and making sounds rewards him! Soon, he will learn that the more he does to please you the more rewards he will get. If you are going to be consistent in rewarding him each and every time, you are going to see he realizes this and tries harder to please you.

When training your parrot, the sessions should not be too long but they should be at consistent times of day and should be many. Parrots have a shorter attention span than most animals, so you find more success in smaller training sessions. Twenty minutes at a time training your parrot should be more than sufficient.


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