Understand Dog Behavior

Is your dog barking non-stop, chewing your things and digging holes in your yard? Understand dog behavior to get your dog to stop doing these things. Your dog is doing these behaviors to try to tell you something and now it's time to listen.

One of the most annoying dog behaviors is barking. Barking not only affects you, it affects your neighbors as well. To understand the dog behavior of barking you must understand the four main reasons why dogs bark. The first being they are frustrated from being socially isolated and they are trying to get your attention. Another reason dogs bark is to warn you that there is someone near their territory. Dogs will also bark out of fear. The last reason dogs will bark is if they have separation anxiety. This barking may be accompanied with howling as well. Knowing what is causing your dog to bark can help you to control it.

Digging is another dog behavior that you want to understand. Dogs will dig for entertainment purposes. Seeking prey is another reason dog's dig, especially dog breeds that were bred to dig. Dogs will also dig to comfort themselves. They will dig a hole in the shade or beside your house to cool off from the heat. A final reason dogs dig is to get attention. You know they are digging for attention if they do it in front of you. You have to know your dog to understand its behavior. To help prevent digging try to not leave your dog outside for prolonged amounts of time.

The most undesirable dog behavior is destructive chewing. Chewing is normal puppy behavior. Adult dogs will chew things if they are bored and are trying to occupy themselves. Another reason dogs chew things is because of separation anxiety. Dogs may also chew things to get attention. A final reason dogs chew is due to fears like thunderstorms.

To fully understand your dog's behavior you need to take a look at its environment and how they spend their day. Are they getting enough socialization and exercise? Certain dog breeds need more exercise than others and may be more prone to these behaviors. Dogs that are overly attached to their owners tend to display these behaviors due to separation anxiety. Make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation every day. Dog's are pack animals and like being with their family.


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