Use Coyote Urine to Repel Other Animals

Eeveryone around the world is becoming more and more concerned about being "green" and "environmentally friendly." Some people who live intimately with the earth on a daily basis, those who depend upon its bounty to feed their families, and provide for their lives, may find it the most difficult to keep that healthy relationship with the earth.

One of the largest problems with growing your own food, or of simply maintaining a beautiful garden and home landscape, is keeping out obtrusive wild animals such as deer, rabbits, possums and raccoons. In the seemingly never-ending battle to protect your greenery, it may be tempting to use some less than natural products that claim to repel these overly friendly wilderness neighbors; however, there is a natural alternative! You do not have to use powerful and harmful chemicals on your garden and risk self contaminating in order to have a garden at harvest time! You can tap into the natural repellants that are in play in nature already.

Animals spray urine as a means of communicating to other animals. They leave the message "This is my territory, stay out!" Some messages are not as powerful as others. Chihuahua urine may not scare the deer away, but coyote urine sends powerful messages to all potential intruders! Using coyote urine to repel deer, raccoons, and other nuisance animals is easy and safe.

It is simple to acquire coyote urine online and from local yard care suppliers. Look for the real stuff that is not a simulation. The words "100% Coyote Urine" should be on the package. Real coyote urine is important to use because it is this natural product that triggers the strong instinctive fear response in all smaller prey types of animals. Coyote urine is a strong repellant.

Once you have your coyote urine in hand, you should determine where to put it. Think of your garden as the epicenter that must be protected. Spread the coyote urine generously at several key points in a circle around the garden. You do not have to leave a constant line or stream around the perimeter; instead, just leave several drops on key points that are likely to not be washed away by your sprinkler system.

The urine should last for several weeks' worth of yard and garden protection. However, it is important to not wait until you have a batch of lettuce or tomatoes that have been annihilated to decide to retreat your yard. By then, the damage is done. You should retreat with several well placed drops around the perimeter of your target area of protection every two to three weeks to ensure maximum protection.


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