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There is a wonderful organization that is called Pet Finder. You really can find a pet with this great adoption agency. I am going to tell you all about how to use Pet Finder to find a pet that will just be ideal for you and good for the pet too.

This is a fantastic website if you are looking to adopt a pet. Pet Finder will provide information about all these pets that can be adopted. There is an unbelievable wide assortment of pets. You can select from small and furry, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles, pigs and barnyard. Any information about their health or personalities will be available. Many of the pets have pictures available. The date is shown, so you will know when the pet is available to adopt.

To get started using Pet Finder click this link. Then you will need to navigate on the site to find the type of pet you wish to adopt. Locate the Search For A Pet menu in the top left hand corner. You fill in your requirements in these search boxes.

The first box is where you specify the type of "animal".The next box is the 'breed". Here you can click on "see all" and it will bring up all the breeds for you to view. Out of curiosity, I clicked on "small and furry". Maybe you are looking for a chinchilla, ferrets, or hamsters. How about a prairie dog? Then you can specify the "age", such as any, baby, young, adult or senior. You will next specify the "gender" and your "location" by zip code. By inputting your zip code, it will narrow down the closest shelter to your area for viewing these pets.

Underneath the Search For A Pet menu is the Find Animal Welfare Groups. You can fill in a "location" or a "group name" and click on search. Alternatively, you can see a list by "state".

The charge for adopting will vary per shelter. The fees are generally listed for each shelter. When we adopted out shelter charged a little less than $100.00, but that also included neutering and shots. The service even includes a wellness check.

To find a pet that could really use a good home, remember to use Pet Finder. Using Pet Finder is easy and it will be rewarding for everyone. Be sure and check for new pets daily, because Pet Finder is constantly updated with new arrivals.


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