How To Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough

There are different reasons why people engage in fasting, and one of them is to a have a spiritual breakthrough, whether or not it is based on biblical passages. Aside from this, the person fasting would also experience health benefits, which will also be discussed through this article.

  1. Cleansing. One of the biggest factors for spiritual breakthrough is the cleansing of the spirit by cleansing the body. Without taking anything in the body for more than 24 hours, it can help slowly remove the toxins in your system. If it is your first time to do fasting, do not completely deprive yourself of food, and have the usual amount of water the body needs in a day, which is about 6 to 8 glasses of water. You can also take a spoonful of honey with a glass of water to keep you going through the day. This would be most beneficial with colon cleansing.
  2. Sense of freedom. Some people who have experience fasting feel a certain freedom from eating too much, or from the cravings that hit you when looking at billboard advertisements. You'll realize that your body only needs a smaller amount of food to sustain it through the day, and you can do more things with your day than just eating. Aside from this, some have claimed that fasting makes you feel that you only need to eat a smaller amount of food because your stomach grows smaller. Without feeling that need to fill so much of yourself, you can get this feeling of being more in touch with yourself, your spiritual self.
  3. Motivation. Aside from having the toxins purged from your system, you can find that spiritual fasting can also be a sort of natural high. It also gives a sense of inspiration after you have accomplished it, as a goal for yourself and of the disciplining of your mind, body and spirit. You can find that your mind can become more receptive to ideas and positive thoughts while going through the fasting. It is one step to accomplishing other things outside of yourself.
  4. Healthy weight loss. Unlike some tips for diet procedures, fasting in this kind of way is a healthy way of losing weight. You do not deprive yourself completely from food, and at the same time, once you break the fasting, you have to start with light meals to be reintroduced to your body. An example of this is a simple vegetable salad that can also serve as a colon cleansing procedure.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits from fasting, you must remember that it is also important to break the fasting properly. Reintroducing your body to solid food must be a gradual process for your body to get used to eating food again. Try to eat only until you're full and not to eat unless you are really hungry. Old habits are hard to break, but having gone through fasting is already one giant step for that spiritual breakthrough in your life.


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