How To Access Your Intuition

Six Ways to Access Your Intuition

As a contemporary artist and spiritual book author, I have discovered ways to receive very clear information from my Higher Self. It is an invaluable asset to have the ability to access your intuition--that is to hear the still, small voice from your Higher Self. Often in life we believe that other people know more than we do. While many friendships are healthy and add color to our lives, it is worth remembering a quote by Edward Gibbons: "Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius."

Here are six ways to increase your ability to hear your inner guidance with more clarity: 

  1. Meditate. I have found the Kriya Yoga meditation as described in Sacred Science: Meditation, Transformation, Illumination by Norman Paulsen to be the most powerful way to connect to your inner Divine guidance. I began to practice this technique, which includes "I am that I am" in 2004. A few weeks later, I began to write my first book. I believe that there are no coincidences.
  2. Gratitude. Several years ago, Oprah Winfrey discussed keeping a gratitude journal on her television program. Gratitude is a portal, a gateway to receiving wisdom. When you express gratitude to the universe, it sends back to you more and more. You are giving gratitude, and as you give, you are creating a space within to receive. It is helpful to remember as often as possible what you are grateful for. Seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty is powerful. When you are grateful, the universe gives back to you. When you are grateful, you feel joy. Joy is a magnet, and more opportunities and reasons to be grateful will appear in your life.
  3. Intention. The door to inner guidance swings wide open as you set your intention. Heavenly help is always available. Because we have free will, our angels and guides are waiting for us to ask. As we ask, we receive answers. True inner guidance responds in a kind and gentle voice.
  4. Downtime. After setting your intention, and meditating, it is beneficial to remain open and in a state of allowing. It is not often when we are the busiest that we hear our intuition. Rather, remember that quiet and stillness are highly conducive to hearing our guidance and creative ideas can flow.
  5. Worthiness. It is important to remember that you are a child of God. Expecting the best when we ask for clarity and answers is helpful. There are ego voices that may tell us we are not worthy. Be aware that this is not our true reality. We are sparks from our Creator. When we approach God with worthiness, he responds powerfully.
  6. Forgiveness. In accessing our intuition, it is important to clear the blocks in the pathway to our inner guidance. Feeling forgiveness helps in clearing the obstacles. There is an excellent forgiveness meditation in A Lightworker's Way by Doreen Virtue. You will develop compassion as you begin to see the light and love that is in everyone. It is very healing to see yourself in others. It unifies your consciousness. You will become an even clearer channel for Divine guidance when you feel forgiveness, mercy and compassion.


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I shared this article with my family. Thank you. I try to practice this and I am happy with how my life has changed.

By Mary Norton