How To Become Ordained as a Presbyterian Minister

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Staying faithful to your calling as a Presbyterian minister brings a profound sense of fulfillment and joy. By serving the church and preaching God’s word, you are also given the opportunity to express your love for God. But to completely assume all your functions, you have to be ordained as a Presbyterian minister first. And to be that, here’s what you should do:

  1. Inform your church of your calling. The session, which is the governing body, will have to prove you are being called to be a Presbyterian minister by subjecting you to at least a year of being an inquirer, in which case you are going to be exposed to the responsibilities and functions of an ordained minister. After passing the inquiry and proving the authenticity of your faith,you will be considered a candidate and will undergo extensive mentoring and training.
  2. Complete your Master of Divinity degree. In this course, you are going to take subjects about the Old and New Testament, Bible interpretation, church history, and counseling, among other things. Internship is necessary for the completion of the seminary degree, which will require you to work at a church, hospital, or non-profit organization. Seminary education requires an undergraduate degree and takes at least three years to finish. It is highly important that you finish your course in an accredited theological seminary.
  3. Undergo the formal ordination process. This involves taking exams that will test your competency on areas that include, but not limited to, theology, Bible, and church polity. Completing a series of interviews is also required. This ordination process will further validate your desire to be a minister and prove your aptitude at taking on such a serious and life-defining responsibility.
  4. Have the ordination service. Depending on your credentials and the results of the ordination process, the church’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry will decide whether or not to ordain you and appoint you for the church’s services. If approved, a formal ordination service will then ensue, during which the Presbytery, the regional governing body, will declare you as an ordained Presbyterian minister.
  5. Be ready for life changes. Realize that when you finally become an ordained Presbyterian minister, your life will take a different route. The Ministry will be among your top priorities, and good leadership will be one of your dominant characteristics. Remember also that much will be expected from you, as the congregation will look upon you as a living sample of a true Christian. And because being a Presbyterian minister is a church work, acknowledge that this is not a lucrative vocation. But it is, in its own ways, a fulfilling profession.

Few are chosen, says the Bible. And out of the chosen few, even fewer are those who eventually stay faithful to their calling. But nothing is sweeter than stepping into what you are called to be. So if you are sure you are called to be a Presbyterian minister, it is time you get ordained and fulfill your life purpose.


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