How To Bless a Home

Home blessings have many different variations, and there are countless ways to perform the ceremonies involved.  Blessing your home can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish it to be, and one of the best things about doing so is the fact that a high degree of personalization is not only permitted but encouraged.

Sometimes, blessing a home will depend upon individual or family religious preferences.  For some people, the feeling is that a proper home blessing must be an extension of church services. In such cases, a priest, preacher, or pastor would be the person who would be in charge of home blessing services.  While a religious style home blessing ceremony will likely be more formal than a non-religious one, it is also possible to input a great deal of individuality into your home blessing ceremony. This is, after all, a joyous occasion and a true cause for happy celebration.

For others, a home blessing is not tied to religion and is based on tradition or legend.  One of the best examples of this is the use of smudging. Smudging is a ritual which is believed to have originated with Native Americans, and is a cleansing and purifying ceremony. Using plants (usually bundled sage or sweetgrass) which are burned, the entire area of the home is smudged. Basically, this means that the bundled sage is gently waved around the home, and it is believed that the smoke which results has cleansing, purifying, and blessing powers. To Native Americans and many other groups as well, this is considered to be strong magic and a very powerful blessing ritual.  While it is not required to speak any certain words during a smudging ceremony, it is considered a positive thing to ask the powers that be "please bless this home and all who come through these doors".  Any variation of these words, or any additions, are entirely up to you:  there is no wrong thing to say here, since this is a positive and happy output of energy and is considered good luck, regardless of how you word your blessings.

Another way to bless your home is to have a family blessing.  This is a home blessing which has a high degree of creativity, and is a wonderful way to involve children and family.  Much like a thanksgiving prayer, each family member can, in turn, light a candle and add their own words of protection and love for their home.  Some truly strong and special blessings are those which are created by the home's very own inhabitants.


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