How To Celebrate Spring Equinox

An equinox is one of the two times of the year in which the length of daytime is equal to the length of night-time. The two kinds are the vernal equinox--which is sometimes called the spring equinox, and the autumnus, or autumnal equinox.

The northern and southern part of the planet experience the different equinoxes during different times. The northern part experiences spring equinox during around March while the southern part during around September.

The northern part experiences autumnal equinox during September while the southern part gets it during March. Here are a few things that you can do while celebrating the Spring Equinox.

  • Celebrate nature. You'll need flowers, preferably spring flowers. Your attire is also very important. It would be good to wear a green dress, shirt or robe. If you don't have anything green, you can also wear clothes that are flower-printed or are decorated with flowers. Also have floral incense, a few eggs, seeds and salad greens.
  • Take a walk in a field of flowers or a simple flower garden. This would help you get into the proper mood. You could go anywhere you want, as long as there are a lot of flowers and you could marvel at the beauty of the new life just starting. It may be somewhere out in the country, a backyard flower garden, or even a local park. You can also go to a florist or a flower shop to buy fresh flowers. It is important to pick randomly. Simply pick the ones that you like. Don't worry if they look good together or not. As long as you like them, it's all good.
  • Reflect on the thought of spring or rebirth. You can go think about your future plans or what you want to achieve in the next few months. Doing this should help you decide what you want to do, have, or what new things you want to try or to bring into your life.
  • Try a little Pagan ritual. Have a ritual circle, containing everything that you are going to use in your celebration. Put in this circle, along with your flowers, things that remind you of your future desires. It would be good if these decorations are pastel colored. This is very traditional but nowadays, you can already use any bright color. Wear your floral or green clothes all throughout the celebration.
  • Burn floral-scented incense during your ritual. Add the eggs into the ritual circle. These should be painted with symbols of fertility, spring, rebirth and growth. You can also add in deviled eggs. Spring Equinox foods include green salad, pumpkin-based food, sprouts and sunflowers seeds. Prepare the altar and the tools, cast your circle and start meditating. All over the world, the spring equinox is celebrated mostly by people who follow Pagan rituals. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from celebrating its wonderful theme. It is a season for rebirth, growth and renewal.

This time marks the end of winter and the start of spring, with spring flowers just starting to bloom. Take part in its celebration and bask in its rejuvenating effects on your body and soul.


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