How To Chant for Abundance

Chanting is a way of reaffirming an idea or thought to oneself. It is a means of strengthening the thought or idea, because you are repeating it to yourself again and again. This is considered an effective way to meditate on something. It’s also considered a way of praying, dating back to the ancient times.

Chanting can also be a way of putting your intentions into words, which can be effective whether you are alone or with a group. Affirming something to yourself or in front of a crowd will set your subconscious will into actually wanting to do that thing. Therefore, if you chant for something like abundance, then your body and mind will work for abundance.

Chanting can help usher in prosperity to your life. Here’s how.

  • Choose the right words. Life coaches and spiritual individuals would tell you that chanting can energize your body and mind with whatever it is that you are chanting. Therefore, if your chanting about something positive, then you will work towards achieving that positive thing. If you want to have a positive outlook on money, for example, you can chant something like “I have a millionaire mind.” If you want good health, you can say “My life is filled with wealth, health and happiness.”
  • You can also choose traditional or ancient words used by the various religious or spiritual people around the world who believe in chanting. For example, there’s the Sanskrit mantra that goes “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha.” This is a chant that has been used by ancient mystics, who believe in the power of positivity.
  • In chanting, you don’t necessarily have to put much importance in the words as much as the chanting itself. When you chant, your voice builds up vibrations and energy that you can feel throughout your body. Therefore, even the usual repeated “Ohm” chant can get your body energized enough to want and to work for positive results.
  • Be creative. You can also choose to use more contemporary or modern chants. You can even use modern tunes or songs, but say these in a chant-like way.
  • Have a routine. It’s best to chant your way to success through a routine. This way, you don’t forget to do your chants. For example, you might find it best to chant in the mornings, right after you wake up. You can also do this right before going to bed. The middle of the day works fine, too, such as during your breaks at work.
  • Use tools. A useful instrument is the mala, which is a string with 108 beads. This helps you keep track of how many times you have recited the chant.
  • Set a target. Since you’re already counting, it might help if you can set a target for how often or how regularly you will be doing the chant. 40 days is a good number, since it has an importance in various religions. 40 is a mystic number.
  • You don’t necessarily have to chant about money, power, wealth, health or the like. You can simply do chants or even prayers, but you should focus your mind on that thing that you want to achieve. For example, even the rosary is a chant, since it involve repetitive prayers.

Chanting is a way by which you can energize your body to achieve something by repetitive words or prayers. It can be a powerful tool for self-motivation, and for instilling in yourself the will to achieve and attain the abundance in life that you want.


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