How To Choose a Patron Saint

A lot of Catholics and Christians have patron saints that they pray to for intercession to Jesus. This has been the practice of Christians and Catholics for many years now. There are plenty of Patron Saints that you can choose from. There are different saints for different causes. It is fairly easy to choose a patron saint for yourself. You can go online and research the different patron saints that are related to your cause.

Here are some steps you can go through to choose a patron saint:

  1. Research. First off, you can research the lives of different saints and their causes. There are plenty of resources that you can read online or in books. There may be plenty of patron saints to choose from. Narrow down the list by choosing several patron saints that you can relate to. You can also know about your patron saint by researching the saint that has the same name as you. Read about the lives of the saints and choose some saints whose life stories you can best relate to.
  2. Similar Interests. You can also choose your patron saint by determining your own interests. What are the things that are dear to you? What are your interests? What is your occupation? These are just some of the questions you can answer to help you find a patron saint that has similar traits as you. There are different patron saints you can choose from when you follow this method.
  3. Birthday. Plenty of people choose their patron saint based on the calendar. You can check a calendar and see the possible patron saints you can choose from that have a feast day on your birthday. Read about the different choices you have, and choose the patron saint that best suits you.
  4. Be specific. Be specific in researching the lives of patron saints. There are plenty of saints that have the same names but come from different places and have very different lives. Be sure that the saint you are reading about is the correct one.
  5. Life. If you still don't have a patron saint, read about the lives of several saints. After reading, decide which patron saint's qualities you would like to emulate. Different patron saints have different qualities that made them who they are. Choose a patron saint that you feel is closest to your heart.
  6. Confirmation. If you are choosing a patron saint because of Confirmation, you must choose carefully. Take your time in deciding who your patron saint will be. Choose the name of a saint that you like and read about his or her life. This will help you decide if you want that saint as your patron saint.

When you have chosen your patron saint, pray to him or her everyday. You can also look for prayers especially written for your patron saint online. There are plenty of sources on the Internet where you can learn more about the life of your patron saint. Say the special prayers regularly and ask for help and guidance from your patron saint. The patron saint that you choose will serve as an example for you on how to live your life for God and for your friends, family and neighbors.


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