How To Christen a Baby

Bringing up your child in the Christian religion is a big decision. The christening ceremony signifies that your baby will be brought up as a child of God. Family and friends are brought together for the ceremony to prepare for a celebration. Not only will this event change your family's life, it will also set your child on a new path.

Step one: Choosing a church is the first step when christening your baby. You should choose a church based on your beliefs and ability to accept or agree with what that church has to say. For example, you must be ready to accept those doctrines which are embraced by your church leadership, even if they are slightly different from what you personally believe in. No church is perfect, nor will you ever find one that is. Even if you're not going to be attending church regularly, be sure you're willing to be contribute to the community in some way.

Step two:
Contact the pastor, priest, or reverend about the baptism of your child. He or she will most likely have you attend a class before the baptism takes place. Set up a date and time for the ceremony. A registrar or administrative assistant should set up the event for you at this point. Preferably, you will set up the date a month from the time you contact the registrar. This is to give ample time for family and friends to attend the event; after all, who can make a ceremony with only two days' notice?

Step three: Now it's time to decide who will be your baby's godparents. Present-day families turn to the most reliable people, particularly friends or family members, that will be most responsible for taking care of their child in the unfortunate event that something bad happens to the parents while the child is still under the age of 18.  Speak at length with potential godparents to ensure that they are financially and emotionally able to care for your child in case of disaster.

Step four: Make it happen. So the day is here, you have identified your godparents, set up the date, and you're heading to the church. Make sure your baby is wearing the proper attire - usually a white or cream-colored baptism or christening outfit.

Step five:
Your after party should not be gaudy, but should fit the event accordingly. Have it at your home, at a classy restaurant or even at the church. Remember, invitations should have been sent out a month ahead of time for this after party as well as the christening. Be sure to include a RSVP request and a map to the location in the invitation. Now go enjoy this monumental event, for it happens only once during your baby's life!


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