How To Communicate with God through Prayer Journaling

There are many ways to stay close to God, but praying is the main key to staying close to him. But what if you have a hard time praying out loud? If you have a hard time praying out loud, you can keep a prayer journal – this is a journal especially for your prayers. It is known that God can answer to your written prayers. Here are some tips on how to communicate with God through a prayer journal and how to record your entries.

Step 1

The very first thing you want to do with your newly purchased journal is to have your pastor bless your journal. Once you have done that, you can start writing your payers down in your journal. On your first entry, write down a prayer to God to give you strength to communicate with him through your prayer journal.

Step 2

When you start writing down your prayers, be sure to write down what you want to say. Show your emotions in your journal. Keeping a prayer journal is like praying out loud.

Step 3

Be humble about your prayers in your journal. Do not write as if you were in high school, judging people and all. Pray for others in need.

Step 4

If you need to talk to him about something, write it down on your prayer journal. Write what you want to say as if you are talking to someone.

Step 5

Leave your trust in your journal. Why is this important? It is important that you trust in God answering your prayers because only he can make what you want happen.

Step 6

As you write down your prayers or your emotions to God through your journal, be sure to repeat, in your head, what you are writing. God can hear your thoughts as much as he can read what you are writing.

Step 7

Be honest when praying and writing in your prayer journal. Keep in mind that you have blessed your journal so any lies will condemn you from God listening to you.

Step 8

Make sure that your prayers are not selfish. Most people only pray for themselves and not for those that really need God's help.

Step 9

Make sure that you are clear. The one thing God does not want is to have a misunderstanding between Himself and His children.

Step 10

Like a normal prayer, show gratitude and love, as God does to you.

Re-read your entries as you update your journal. As you update your journal, you will come to realize that he did answer your prayers. When you realize that God answered your prayers, you should write down the date that you realized it.

Keeping a prayer journal is easy as one, two, three; anyone can do it. The key is to write in it on a daily basis. Let God know that you want to talk to him in anyway possible. Keep in mind that keeping a prayer journal is like writing a letter to God and when He answers your prayers, he is writing back to you.


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