How To Discern Danger

Danger is a situation where life is at risk. It comes in many forms: calamities, accidents and crimes. It exists in locations possessed by evil spirits also known as territorial spirits.

Territorial spirits take dominion over lands and rule them according to their wicked character and intention. They cause accidents, injuries and death on highways, blind curves, dark alleys, airplanes, ships, communities, buildings, homes, anywhere. They also have ranks. Ephesians 6:12 mentions of wrestling with principalities, powers, rulers and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the spirit world. The verses following are instructions on how to engage them.

Even man-made risks, threats, crimes, negligence or human errors are incidents orchestrated in the spirit world before becoming danger. Picking up its signal and knowing how to respond will alert you of the danger and spare you the harm. For example, before going out for a trip or transaction, a feeling of uneasiness or agitation and fast heartbeat may take hold of you. Don't ignore it. It may indicate a security breach or present and imminent danger. Pause for a moment and let the bad feeling go deeper into your sensors thoroughly. Get knowledge, understanding and wisdom from God to eliminate it.

Develop your skill to discern. Hone your 5 sensors: eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. Explore the spirit realm. Sharpen your eyes in seeing visions, your ears in hearing­­ God's voice, your nose in smelling spirits, your mouth in tasting God's goodness or bitter spirits and your skin in feeling peace or danger. Your sensors can pick up various signals coming from spirits. But the skin is the largest and most complex, yet precise, sensor of them all.

Evil spirits have distinct "touch" characteristics that cannot change or reverse. They can change visual signals by posing as humans or angels of light and can send friendly audio signals. But they cannot reverse their touch characteristics touching your skin. They cannot make you feel holy when they touch you because they are not holy. You can feel their wickedness and they cannot hide from your feelings. Among the sensors, the skin has the ability to receive signals revealing a comprehensive data to identify and locate spirits. Connect with God when you pick up signals. Bad feelings can be daunting and intense pain can be disturbing but persist in perceiving until breakthrough is gained.

Be familiar with the indicators of danger. Bad feelings indicating danger are uneasiness, agitation, fast heartbeat and fear. In case you pick up other signals like headaches, numbness and other sensations, these may indicate a presence and identity of various evil forces. Also take note of the intensity. Bad feelings or signals vary according to the identity and characteristics of the evil spirits and powers of darkness. In locations inhabited by high-ranking spirits, the bad feelings can be intense and oppressive, and a hyper-sensitive person who is afflicted with fear and not knowing how to overcome it can become paranoid. You can also pick up signals through a person but avoid rushing into judgment. A person may either relay or carry signals. If he is innocent, he is a relay. If he is the devil's partner in crime, he is a carrier. A relay serves as your asset in pinpointing the identity, characteristics and location of evil spirits and their human partners, if any, in crime. Neutralize evil spirits. Render them powerless. Dispossess them of their territories. Bind evil spirits and drive them out of a person serving as the devil's partner in crime. Then give the glory to God. Ephesians 6:10 says: We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. For complete instructions and deeper knowledge and understanding, read the Bible. If you are not the warrior-type or if you are incapable of this engagement, the option is to get somebody capable of doing it for you; or, simply avoid it or get out of the place and relocate somewhere else -- a place beyond their jurisdiction or where there are no spirits of the same kind.

Respond according to God's word. Do not respond according to your feelings or senses. They serve solely as indicators in the spirit world and as identifiers, revealing characteristics, and the location of spirits. Amazingly, sensors are under the control and management of God who connects you to the spirit realm. Picking up all signals can be overwhelming and devastating.

Learn to respond according to God's word in the Bible, the source of truth. Go deeper into a personal relationship with God who communicates his will and way -— protecting you from present and imminent danger, giving instructions on winning battles.

Pray for wisdom. Lord, let the eyes of my understanding be enlightened; that I may know the hope of Your calling, the riches of the glory of your inheritance in the saints, and the exceeding greatness of your power toward me who believe. Amen.

While learning to discern danger, God who trains you for war provides security and protection. His grace is sufficient for you to go through the pains of learning and growing. Since God provides security even when you don't ask or don't work for it, the ability to discern danger and overcome the enemy is for taking kingdoms of darkness to become kingdoms of light.


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