How To Do Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo doll

The term voodoo is most commonly used to describe things that are beyond human understanding. This concept is often associated with folk magic or ‘hoodoo’ in the tradition of African-American folklore. Today, with man’s constant longing for love and an ideal relationship, voodoo has evolved into something even more powerful as it seems to have acquired Cupid’s love arrows. For people looking for affection or for those who are trying to fight for the love they’ve always dreamed about, voodoo love spells can be the answer.

There are many sites that can help you have full access to their spell vault, others offer it free while some others for a price. When trying new spells to work your way out of a loveless misery, you may opt to try the free trials and move on to the much powerful spells that usually come with a price. After all, who would mind about price tags on love, right?

Here are some of the simplest and effective voodoo love spells that you can try.

  1. You need a voodoo doll that will represent the person you love, some lavender incense, dried rose petals, rose water, two red candles and a personal belonging of your beloved like nails, hair or anything he or she owns.
  2. The spell should be done nine days after the full moon cycle to be effective and before the stroke of midnight. If you happen to have a picture of the person you love, it is better to stick this to the doll’s face. This applies to any of his or her belongings.
  3. In a private room, create two circles and place the two candles side by side on one circle to form your altar. Surround the altar with incense and rose water to purify the circle. Once done, sit down inside the other circle and light the candles and the incense.
  4. Try as much as possible to have a clear mind while focusing on the person you desire. Come up with a mental image of what outcome you want and chant the following: “Listen to my voice, listen to my breath. I declare that you will always be mine, until death.” Say this with all your heart and feel it as you poke the voodoo doll three times with a pin into the doll’s heart area.  Repeat this while chanting the spell twice more.
  5. Once done, snuff out the candles and the incense and leave the room without looking back. Return to the same room the following night for nine days to get your desired outcome.

There are many other spells that can easily be performed like spells to find a lover, to find the perfect soulmate, to break a relationship, and fidelity spells - among others. These are all available online and you don’t even need spells to find them. What’s important is that with each spell you cast, you should still be doing your share in keeping that relationship up or in other cases do your part to ensure your really get what your heart wants.


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