How To Find a Catholic Priest

You are trying to locate a Catholic priest, but are not sure where to start. In this article, we will discuss some tips that will help you easily locate one. They will give you an excellent start in your search and make it easier to conduct.

First of all, start with your local phone book. Here you will find numerous listings under churches; you should be able to find the phone number for your local Catholic Church. This same information can also be easily found online. In the listing, you need to make sure that you call the rectory, which is the location of both the priests' residence and of the main parish office. The church secretary should be able to give you the availability of the priest on duty.  She can even set up an appointment with the parish priest if he is available to speak with you.

If there is not a priest or a Catholic Church in your immediate area, you can find online the office numbers for the main district that is in charge of all the local parishes in your region. This main district is called a diocese, and it is usually located near a larger urban center. Over the diocese, the person in charge is called a bishop; bishops are simply higher-ranking Catholic priests. The diocesan office should be able to give you the addresses and numbers of the nearest church with a priest for you to access.

Many churches now have their own websites; and if the nearest church is too far away for you to travel to you might be able to contact the parish priest through e-mail or set up an appointment to speak with him by phone.

One place that many people do not think of when searching for a priest is the local hospital. If one of the hospitals near you is run by a Catholic-based organization, there will usually be a resident priest.  He will actually live in the hospital, or very close to it. If there is not a resident priest, there is likely one on call or whose regular duties include patient visits.  These priests will often have regular office hours in or near the hospital. If you contact the hospital they should be able to give you the priest's contact information and the times when he is usually there.

Locating a Catholic priest can be very easy if you know where to look or who to contact for information. If you start with some of the tips discussed in this article you will have a much easier time locating one.


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