How To Find Other Christian Singles

Together as One

Remember the old adage that says birds of the same feather flock together? That bring us to the need of helping other single Christian find those of there kind. It is in response to many of the readers who have requested some tips on how to find other Christian singles. 

Before I even go further and tell you some of the places that you will find other singles, let me explain why it is important to find others of your type.

Your challenges are the same. You read the same Bible and are exposed to the same doctrine, thus giving you the common challenges and common goals. You are facing the same challenges in life. By sharing and learning from each other, you stand a better chance of overcoming whatever challenge.

A time comes when you want to take the next step in life (i.e., join a business club, change your marital status, join college or relocate). You need to have friends that you can rely on. You need some real stories from the people who have been where you want to go. Hence, the need to find other Christian singles just like you.

Whether you want to find other Christian singles globally or locally, here are some of the places that you should consider:

  1. Church fellowships. Are you the type of person who doesn’t bother greeting people in church? I hope not. I was such a type; I could go to church, sit on my own and after service I could greet only the person seated next to me and leave for home. Well I didn’t want to be associated with anybody. Though I didn’t have any good reason for doing that, I found out after two years that I had lost a lot of opportunities. The story is long but is not meant for today. The point is that church is a family and all church members are called brothers and sisters and therefore there is need to socialize and make friends. You will be surprised to find out how many people would love your company. If you are single, go and join groups in your church. Make friends and be happy; no man or woman is an island. 
  2. Colleges and other learning institutions. Learning institutions have large populations of single men and women of all religion and race. Therefore they offer a unique chance for the single to mingle. One should only be careful not to join a wrong group, and as I always say there are friends who don’t better your life in any way. Seek out a Christian group at your institution and feel free to make friends. King Solomon stresses the point and encourages people to be happy and mingle; all stages of life are passing, including your single status. This is how he sums it up in Ecclesiastes 11:10:

    "Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh: for childhood and youth is vanity."
  3. Recreational places. Recreation sites all over the world are full of single persons or groups. If you visit these sites and find Christian singles groups, join them. I have been to a retreat at such a site and decided to merge my group with another group we had found there. You should have seen how both groups exchanged contacts and addresses at the end of the day. A human being is all social and a little effort can really open up great opportunities. Be happy and accept your status; make friends and let them last, for life should be full of happiness
  4. Christian social sites. The Internet is another place that you can meet a lot of singles. There are hundreds of sites that give single people opportunity to date, chat, discuss and join different forums.

    Such sites include,,, and many others.

    Visiting these sites gives an opportunity to meet with singles from all over the world.

As you go out there to find company, take care of yourself.


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