How To Get In Touch with Personal Spirit Guides

Each of us has our own spirit guides. Human beings seek out their personal spirit guides for assistance and enlightenment. There are many ways to get in touch with them. Astral projections, lucid dreams and even simple visualizations of the mind are among the common techniques most people use to communicate with them.

Here is a simple meditation technique you can use to contact your personal spirit guide.

Choose a quiet place for meditation. Set a time and quiet place for you to relax and meditate. It is important that the location for your meditation is free of any possible distraction.

Breathe and relax. Find a comfortable position before you start your meditation. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and distractions. Breathe evenly and find pleasure in the silence of your surroundings.

Call upon your spirit guide. When you are ready and you feel that you have already achieved absolute calmness of the mind, you can now ask your spirit guides to show themselves to you. Visualize yourself in a peaceful place like a secret garden or a forest. It is important to state your intention of meeting them and that you are ready for them.

Remember that a spirit guide is an entity that lives as energy or as light beings. They can take on any shape.

Talk to your spirit guide. Once your spirit guide approaches you, ask for its name. You can ask your guide questions about certain aspects of your life or seek for your guide's assistance and guidance. You can also ask your spirit guide if it has any message or advice for you.

Bid your farewell and thank your spirit guide. Thank your spirit guide for the answers and guidance you received. When you are ready to leave, close your eyes and take deep breaths, then open your eyes slowly and take a few moments to let your mind focus on your normal surroundings.

Be sensitive and take time to listen. Sometimes, spirit guides contact people through dreams and when a person is in their half asleep, half awake state. Sometimes they send messages through intuition, or certain signs and symbols in our surroundings. When you have a gut feel about something, like a strong urge to go to a certain place, a certain person or any other intuition, follow it. It might be that your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you through them.

Make a journal of your encounters with your spirit guide. Write down everything that you and your spirit guide talks about. List down all their advices and what transpired during each contact. Every dream and every encounter with your spirit guide has a purpose and meaning. You will eventually come to a realization and better understanding of its meaning as you read and review your journal later on.

There is a right time for everything. Do not expect that each meditation will become successful. If you're spirit guide doesn't show up during your meditations, they probably will in another time or in a different form such as signs and intuitions.

You must not only seek your spirit guides for guidance and questions about life but also for greater or  higher insights. People must learn how to use and communicate with them well so they can gather up all the positive energy and answers for enlightenment and better understanding of what their lives are all about.


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