How To Reap What You Sow in the Kingdom of God

Whatsoever You Sow, that Same You Shall Reap

While the earth and heaven remains, seed time and harvest....summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. That is the word of God according to Genesis 8:22. In short, the law of sowing and reaping is compared to that of summer and winter and also day and night. So long as we live, we shall experience these things. They are bound to happen. In the ordinary world, you cannot sow wheat and harvest rice. You will harvest that type of seed sowed and in plenty. In the Kingdom of God, the same rule applies--whatever one sows, the same he shall reap. Many people in the modern world pray for miracles. They want the miracles of Elijah and Enoch but do not live the lives of Elijah or Enoch.

You may be one of God's children that is looking forward to experiencing a miracle like that of Gideon. Below are some of the sowing and reaping methods:

  1. Kindness. Sow kindness in other people's lives, and wait for the seed to germinate and bring forth its fruits. Many of the people don't see the need to be kind. They think that they have what it takes--they have authority and all the protection that one needs in this life and therefore they can be cruel or brutal to anyone. Their status in society is enough--a mention of their name will send shivers down the spine of other people, maybe because of their political affiliation, the money they can spend or their position of authority. However, you don't sow seeds and reap their fruit or grain the next day. A day comes when the seeds of arrogance and cruelty shall mature. It might come in your time, your children's time or your grandchildren's time. And those seeds shall bring forth much harvest. It is therefore advisable to sow good seeds, seeds of kindness. If you don't reap, someone in your generation will reap. In How To Overcome an Inferiority Complex as a Christian, I mentioned Mephiboshet, who was called upon to reap kindness from his forefather, Jonathan. It was Jonathan who showed David kindness, but when he was long dead, Mephibosheth was called upon to be shown kindness by King David. Sow kindness and you shall reap a good measure.

  2. Peace. Peace is a precious commodity and rare to come by. That's why those that sow seeds of peace need to be many. There are many ways that you can sow peace by being peaceful yourself. Go about your daily business peacefully--avoid trouble with other people. Or be a peacemaker--be ready to reconcile other people by listening to their cases without judging them. Pray that God gives you the ability to make peace. Many people are quick to cause trouble but do not know the way of peace. If you shall decide to sow the seeds of peace, your family shall live peacefully on earth. You shall be respected by everyone. People shall call you the blessed of God for the Bible says: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God."
  3. Generosity. Would you like your children's needs to be provided for even if you are not around? Practice generosity. Generosity is that ability to meet the other person's need at any appointed time. The Bible records a woman at Shunem (2Kings 4:8-10) who committed herself to provide to Elisha food and accommodation whenever the man of God passed by that side of the town. When the seeds of generosity germinated and brought forth the harvest, guess what it was? A son! If you have struggled to achieve something your entire life, and you have exhausted all avenues, try being generous. And may God meet your desire as you put His word into actions.
  4. Friendship. A man that wants friends must show himself to be a friendly person. No one will get along with you if you have an attitude that puts him or her off. If you want to have friends, you may have them around the globe but do you sow seeds of friendship? Look for people and befriend them--you might befriend them on a sunny day but they will really be of importance on a rainy day. Who doesn't need friends in this world?

I cannot exhaust this list for it is very long, but it is an outline. Whatever thing you need in this life, sow its seed. God shall cause it to grow and bring forth fruits a hundredfold.

Note: All seeds don't grow to maturity at the same time. To some, their seed might take one week while for others, ten years....but nevertheless if you don't live to reap of what you sow, your generation will. God bless you.


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