How To Join Paranormal Investigations

The field of paranormal investigation is for people who are cynics but possess an open mind. It is an exciting field where paranormal activities are scientifically observed through a variety of sophisticated instruments and equipment. Many people are interested in taking part in an investigation but have no idea how to do so. Before you plunge right into this field, here are some hard questions you need to ask yourself.

Do you have a local paranormal study group?  Most probably there is one near your city. Test them out by joining one of their expeditions. You need to feel compatible with your future colleagues. It’s a process of trial and error but find one in which the participants match your own personality. If there are no paranormal groups in your area, consider assembling one yourself.

Try to observe the group’s investigation techniques. It would be helpful to undergo some formal training, such as attending a class online or undergoing some form of self-study. They should be able to conduct their investigations legally and with consent from the affected parties.

See the group’s equipment. You need not buy that expensive equipment yourself. You need to learn how to use the equipment with the help of those more experienced members. After you have mastered their use, and have developed any specialized skills, you may go on and buy your own personal equipment

Next, are you sure you are ready?  Passion is important for a paranormal investigation. Discover if the environment is right for you. You have to go to the place for investigation with another person during the day. Just take your basic kit – a notepad, writing material, digital camera and basic voice recorder.

Then go to the location and research its history. Visit the location more than once. Ask questions of the people who live around the location about their experiences with paranormal activity, if any. Proceed to the community library and research the location.

Finally, respect the locale. You need to acquire permission to probe around the home, building, or whatever the location might be. Secure the permits from the proper authorities. Remember to take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time. Patience is a virtue for the paranormal investigator because manifestations will not occur most of the time.

Have you done your research?  Read or watch first-hand paranormal accounts. It is far more reliable if there is documented physical evidence. You also need to update yourself on the latest techniques and the recent theories on the field. There is no set knowledge in this field so stay away from matters that you are not interested in.

Ask questions of your colleagues regarding their previous encounters. Ask other groups or seek people who have participated in similar investigations in the past. Keep your senses focused on anything extraordinary and make sure that you write your impressions down.

Whatever your motivation is to participate in paranormal investigations, it always helps to build a good reputation as an efficient investigator. It is achieved by abiding to the law and by showing respect for other people and their local traditions and beliefs.


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