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Many people get affected by many things in their daily lives. However, for most people, the most devastating events take place where they are weakest - the heart. Since the dawn of time, love has been the center of universal life. This has been for the betterment of mankind, yet unfortunately, there are times that unguided love has been for the worse.

With these disappointments, heartaches, and despair, experience gives way to two types of people - those who fall and bury themselves with emotional persecution, and those who rise to the challenge of becoming better and being optimistic about the possibility of new love and happiness. This article is for the latter.

For many centuries, many have witnessed miracles and different phenomena that defy the majority's belief. These people of the majority, non-cognizant to the actuality of these different phenomena, label the few who have witnessed these events as mentally impaired and psychologically damaged. However, to those who have witnessed these rare, unique events have changed their entire outlook in life, no matter what their prior beliefs were.

One of these wonderful sensations is Black Magic. Black Magic is infamous for negative, harmful, death spells and such used to dismay and hurt other people. On the other hand, to the real practitioner, this type of Wiccan Magic is full of positive-vibe spells, which revolve around friendship, life, and romance - yes, Love! Wiccan believers resort to different spells, incantations, meditations, rituals and prayers they consider to make their lives more enriched and better, in the aspects that they deem need some assistance. For those who need some awakening, healing, or eye-opening, feel free to read on through the rest of the article to see how you can perform easy loves spell for free!

Love Ring of the Moon. You will need the following to perform this incantation and imbue it on the artifact:

  • sterling silver ring
  • a cup of red wine
  • a half cup of whole milk
  • white hanky (clean)
  • a personal possession of your target
  • a small box of matches

Once you have all these, do the following carefully, keeping in mind your objective every step of the way: 

  1. Under the light of a full moon, dig a small hole in a patch of earth.
  2. Pour into the hole the half cup of whole milk.
  3. Set the personal possession of your target on fire.
  4. Wait for it to burn to ashes and collect them with the white hanky.
  5. Place the silver ring in the middle of the ashes in the white hanky.
  6. Place the white hanky in the middle of the hole.
  7. Cover the hole with earth.
  8. Pour the contents of the cup of red wine.
  9. While doing so, recite this chant: God of blessing, God of pure love/ Look down on lonely me from high up above/ Please bless this silver ring and make it brightly shine/ Please bring me (the name of lover) to be mine/ From hereon now until the end of time/ So please let it be
  10. On the night of the next full moon, dig the ring up.
  11. Wash the ring in cold water until it's like new.
  12. Wear the sterling silver ring.

The next time you see your object of desire, make sure that you close your eyes and chant the incantation once more... and when you open your eyes, he or she will be smiling with an open mind and heart - only to you!


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