How To Learn Levitation Spells

Picture yourself hovering over the ground, perfectly at ease. You'll look down at the earth below you and smile. What a feeling. It happens in the movies, right? And they make it look so easy. So what do you have to do to make it happen in real life?

First of all, if you don't believe levitation can happen, it won't. Believing is the first step to successfully levitating. If you are not prepared to put some real effort into it, you are not likely to be successful with levitation.

Comfort is key. Pick a clear space, free of clutter. A kitchen table would be a good place to be, as long as you are comfortable and have ample space to focus. Place your hands in front of you and breathe in and out. Focus on your breaths. Then focus on your fingers, specifically the ring finger on your right hand. Feel the air surrounding you -the air element - and focus it toward the pointer finger on your right hand. Is your finger beginning to feel lighter? You are on your way to levitating!

Continue focusing on that finger and pumping the air element into it. Will it to lift into the air all by itself, without consciously using your muscles. Keep practicing until your finger lifts without much effort on your part. Continue with the rest of your fingers. Once you feel comfortable with the process, repeat the process with the left hand. Focus the air element into the ring finger first, followed by the other fingers. Then use this method to practice levitation with your hands, your arms, and then your feet and legs. Once you are skilled with these body parts, you may move on to other parts of your body.

Once believe you are ready to move on to levitating your whole body, it may help you to visualize yourself laying on a placid lake and rising upward, over the treetops and up to the clouds. Likewise, when you begin your descent, picture yourself floating slowly toward the treetops, then the ground, and landing smoothly. If you descend too fast, you may have a crash landing, which could result in injury.

Learning to levitate takes a lot of practice. Once you are skilled at making yourself levitate, you may move on to objects in the world around you. What will you choose first? Pencils? Glasses? The cat?

Practice these skills and you will be on your way to successfully levitating!


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