How To Make a Mini-Religious Pilgrimage

Live by Faith and not by Sight

One thing you may not hear about nowadays is the religious pilgrimage.  This old form of devotion has all but vanished.  Although it's been used for many purposes, most see it as a holy journey to a famous place of worship.  The aims are always to grow closer to God.

While this may be the case, such a venture doesn't have to carried out on a grand scale.  Anyone can do it right where they live, in seven steps.

Here's how:

Step 1

Find a friend (or fifty) willing to participate:

Call Brother Bob or your best friend, crazy Susie.  Tell them your idea.  Maybe they have some friends of their own you can include.

You can do this by yourself if you want, but it's better to find at least one other person.  Trust me on this one!

Step 2

Determine your destination, date, and time:

Remember, you're making a round trip TO A LOCAL PLACE, on foot so allot yourselves enough time to get to and from wherever you're going.

A popular place to trek is a Church or religious site. This isn't always the case.  Other acceptable sites are parks, beaches, and a friend's house.

Pick a day and time where everyone is available.  Meet in a place that everybody can find.

Step 3

Determine the weather and needs of the people going:

Depending on how far you're going, not everyone may be able to rough it.  Bring snacks and water to help prevent dehydration and fatigue.  You don't want anyone going to the hospital.

Also, make sure that it won't be too hot or cold.  Rainy whether isn't the best time for cross-city hikes either.

If you're under the age of 18, BRING AN ADULT!

Step 4

Dress appropriately:

If it's hot and sunny, you don't want to dress in dark colors and thick fabric. The same is true with dressing down on a cold day.

Step 5

Pre-plan activities:

Pray and sing hymns during the journey.  Perhaps, stop and grab a bite to eat on the way home.

If you're meeting at a closed Church (assuming this is the site you chose), then plan an outside activity, like a parking lot Bible study.

Arrange a barbecue back at your home and celebrate what just took place.

Step 6

Make time and room for unforeseen events:

Nothing goes perfectly as planned.  Expect people to cancel, make extra time for people to rest, plan twice as many activities and expect to accomplish a third of them.

It's great when everything goes according to schedule, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't. Simply appreciate what's happening and offer your frustrations to the Good Lord.

Step 7

Make your trek and have fun!

Remember, this is a serious devotion, but it doesn't have to be devoid of humor.  Tell jokes, laugh, and have a good time.  Find joy in what you're doing and stop to smell the roses.  This not only ensures that you have a worthwhile journey, but it gives everyone something to share in.


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