How To Make a Pagan Rosary

Paganism refers to an authentic religion that originated from Rome and Ancient Greece. Pagans are polytheistic. They believe in many gods. Pagans have different beliefs and practices. Today’s modern pagans, or neo-pagans, are starting to adapt the use of pagan rosary, or prayer beads. Prayer beads serve many purposes. Its major purpose is for meditation. However, pagan rosaries can also be for anchoring energies and relaxation. Unlike prayer beads from other religions, a pagan rosary does not have a distinct number of beads. You will seldom find two pagan rosaries that are the same.

If you want to know how to make a pagan rosary, here’s how to do it.

  • Purpose of pagan rosary. A pagan rosary serves different purposes. It could be for meditation. It could also be for summoning high energies. Before you can create a pagan rosary, it is important that you set your purpose first. This will determine how you will construct the prayer bead. Make sure that your purpose serves the benefits of not only yourself, but others as well.
  • Number of beads. Unlike types of prayer beads (e.g. Catholic rosary), the number of beads included in a pagan rosary differs from one person to another. The number of beads is a symbolic way of manifesting the purpose of the pagan rosary. In general, three different cultures have different numbers as symbolism. These are Greek, Western and Bardic numbers. You may refer to these cultures. However, in the end, the number of beads you will use is entirely up to you.
  • Bead selection. The selection of beads is also an important factor to consider when making a pagan rosary. You can base your selection on the culture you are following. It may also be due to personal reasons. However, for most pagans, the bead selection is usually personal. They sometimes use beads because it is important to them or because it signifies an important meaning. The bead you select should be of any color. However, the size should be just appropriate for your cord. You may also want to consider using one style of bead as a repetition bead.
  • Pagan rosary prayer. It would be helpful if you already have constructed a prayer before you construct the rosary. This will serve as your guide when you create the layout of your rosary. Make sure that your prayer matches to the intent of your rosary.
  • Pagan rosary layout. The layout of the pagan rosary should depend on the purpose of your prayer beads. This is the first thing you have to keep in mind. Afterward, include the repeater bead, other beads then the closing bead. Take note that you should consider your pagan rosary prayer while you are constructing the pagan rosary. This means that you should incorporate the layout of your rosary to your prayer.

A pagan rosary is now a powerful instrument for meditation. You can also use it for relaxation. When constructing a pagan rosary, keep in mind that this is a personal activity. Pagan rosary construction involves time, effort, inspiration and concentration.

Do not create one just for the sake of having one. Create one with a purpose in mind. Without a purpose, your pagan rosary will be useless.


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