How To Memorize Scripture

Memorizing Scripture is hard for almost everyone. Therefore, I have developed several helpful techniques that are useful when tackling even the most arduous verses.

  1. Read the entire memory verse from the Bible. Copy it using 3x5 cards and put these around in areas frequently used.
  2. Find the meaning of the verse by reading it in the context from which it came. For example, in Matt. 6:33, what does "all things" mean?
  3. Personalize the verse, i.e. I will seek God's kingdom first.
  4. Choose a small phrase to learn each week. For example, in Phil. 4:6 starts with the phrase, "Do not be anxious about anything." Apply that phrase to your life this week.
  5. Add to the Scripture, one phrase at a time, i.e. add to "Do not be anxious about anything," "but in everything."
  6. Pay attention to punctuation and phrases, i.e. in Phil. 4:6 there are four commas and five phrases, which means that you can take up to five weeks to complete memorizing this Scripture.
  7. Pay attention to repetition of words or similar phrases. In Ps. 27:1 both sentences start with, "The Lord." The end of each sentence is similar, "whom shall I fear?" and "of whom shall I be afraid?"
  8. Use gimmicks such as drawing pictures for words, either mental or on paper. For example, "my light" engenders an image of a light bulb, "stronghold" brings to mind a fortress. One young lady declared the perfect image for "my salvation" was chocolate. I never forgot this verse!

You will surprise yourself by adding even more techniques to this list as you forge ahead and memorize key verses that are meaningful in your life. Here a few to get you started: Heb. 4:12, Matt. 6:33 & 34, Rom. 8:31, 2 Cor. 4:18...

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