How To Obtain Siddhis

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Siddhis are powers invoked by a state of mind or being.  Siddhis must be obtained to invoke certain blessings or attract desired abilities. Obtaining siddhis is one of many Hindu practices. Siddhis are being more accepted by some Westerners, who are interested in them to obtain certain powers or states of being.

There are many degrees of siddhis, which are desired states of being to obtain certain supernatural powers.  Siddhis are both parts of Hinduism and Buddhism.

A siddhi power may be obtained through various means.  These means include several methods, primarily meditation.  Meditation is a mental exercise.  It is called the "silencing of the mind" -- the idea is to calm and organize the mind, rather than allowing the mind to flit freely and quickly from one thought to another. Meditation is a mental focusing practiced while concentrating upon the meaning or objective of the siddhi. Siddhis can more easily be obtained through stricter forms of meditation, such as Sadhana.

Other methods of obtaining siddhis include the use of mantras. A mantra is made of sounds or a phrase that is repeated to create a transformation. These can be sounds, vibrating syllables, or a series of words.  Many believe that a mantra should be pronounced carefully, as the exact sounds are believed to draw the properties that one hopes to attain.  Typically, mantras are done using mala beads and repeating the mantra for each bead.  Mantras are strongest when repeated silently, focusing all mental concentration upon the mantra.  Mala beads are a string of 108 beads while, in comparison, a rosary has 54 beads, half as many beads.  Mantras are strongest when practiced at the same time day after day for at least 40 days.

Mudras are another useful tool for obtaining siddhis.  A mudra is a combination of positions of the fingers and hands to create and enhance a more powerful meditation.  Mudra positions include the touching of fingertips, curling the fingers, crossing fingers, and positions of the fingers in combination with the hands.  The position should be held in a manner that allow the flow of energy to be felt between the fingers or hands. By including mudras in your meditation you can invoke specific qualities to increase the obtaining of siddhis.

Siddhis may also be obtained by practicing devotion to your spiritual path.  One should completely immerse oneself in the prayers and meditations.  Obtaining siddhis can be acquired through devotion in the form of acts of creation:  gardening, various forms of art, music, the martial arts and even cooking can be acts of devotion to the higher sense of being.  Even immersion in mathematics can bring about a state of devotion.

Obtaining siddhis can be a strong and positive enhancement to one's life.  Be aware that one should never attempt to obtain siddhis for the wrong reasons.  Practicing the many paths to siddhis brings a powerful essence of being which attracts many positive aspects into a person's life.


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