How To Overcome an Inferiority Complex as a Christian

You Are of God

Naturally, when you sit next a well-groomed young lady, you will be tempted to compare yourself with her--the shoes, clothes, make-up, etc.--and rate yourself against her. This behavior is normal for any human being, but sometimes people look down on themselves and think that because they don't have this or that, they are of no worth. There is a story in the Bible of a man called Mephibosheth, one of the descendants of King Saul. This guy was physically challenged and could not stand upright--he was lame. It came to pass that when King David wanted to find someone from the house of King Saul to give him gifts. He was told that only Mephiboshet existed and was a lame man.

The King sent his messengers to fetch the lame guy so that he should dine with the king and receive gifts and honors on behalf of King Saul's family. When the message reached Mephiboshet, he said, 'How could a king choose me, a dead dog?' He could not think of himself as better than a dead dog. Unfortunately, that mindset has trickled down to our generation. There are Christians out there who examine themselves and pick on what they think are their shortfalls, glorify them and call themselves by those shortfalls. Take some of these encouraging tips to get over an inferiority complex and walk with them. If possible, recite them as you go along with your daily life:

  1. Don't dwell on your background. Some of us have had very bad backgrounds, but that does not count anymore, for if anyone is in Christ, the old has passed and all is new. Whether you were raised in the orphanage or were a drug addict at a tender age or didn't get adequate education, that belongs to the past. You need to read Gifted Hands by Ben Carson and be motivated. I once used to look down on myself and thought that I would never be somebody in this life, but when I read that book by Ben Carson, I changed my mind completely and started to trust God. It must be the same for you or you would not be reading this article. Look for that book and others like Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence and Big Picture by the same author. These books are meant to inspire readers positively. Now put the past behind you and move on! Of course, you cannot change your past, whether you were a jail bird, a drug peddler or an armed robber, but trust in God that once you leave that bad life and trust in Him, all is renewed by his saving grace. Amen.

  2. He who watches over you neither sleeps nor slumbers. You have a big God by your side and that alone should help you defeat an inferiority complex. God has the ability to watch over mankind all the time and everywhere. If you set targets and fail to achieve them, don't give up, don't count yourself out before God does--why should you count yourself out when God still sees potential in you? Although King David instructed his servants to dress a table for himself and Mephiboshet, Mephiboshet took his physical inability as an excuse. Maybe you are reading this article and you are lame. Go out there and learn a trade or music--a man in a wheelchair can play a keyboard or trumpet as a professional and earn enough money to make him comfortable. The blind can also play flutes in musical bands or even work as interpreters if they learn foreign languages. Print this document and read it to someone who is unable to see. Share with them if you have such friends. The devil has brought an inferiority complex to God's people so that they are desperate and curse God. Remember that God loves us and he wants us to have 100% on earth, and later, 100% in heaven.

  3. Avoid friends who never encourage you. If you have a friend and all he does is discourage you at your every effort to better your life, drop him. There are people who will never tell you to take heart and that you will be able to manage--all they say is "Damn, the situation is very tough--you won't be able to manage it," while others go to the extent of mocking all of your efforts. Nehemiah of the Bible encountered such guys when he had labored to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Some guys came there and all they could say is 'This wall is so weak that even if a fox jumps over it, it will collapse (Nehemiah 4:1-3). Avoid such guys like the plague--don't even give them your time. I don't want you to ignore advice, but you are old enough to distinguish between advice and mockery. Look for genuine friends who can encourage and advise you.
  4. You have what others don't have. Every human being is unique in his/her own way and that's why we need each other. While you are compassionate, I am generous, or she has patience while you are kind and vice versa. When these qualities are combined, they produce desirable results. That is why you should value yourself. Why is it that you have friends also? Because they see something in you that they admire. So don't look down on yourself. Now God owns everything and he says for one sparrow to die, he has to consent....the question is therefore if God is careful about sparrows, what about you who is worth more than a thousand sparrows? Cheer up my sister, smile brother--you are precious and the world needs a person just like you.
  5. You are made in the likeness of God. Last but not least, you were not in the image of another thing other than God himself. He made you in his own likeness, so don't undermine the work of God by looking down on yourself. Look at your good body in the mirror and tell it these words, "You are made by the perfect hands of God in His image and likeness. You are an asset to this world."

If this article is found to add value to your life, glorify God (not me), but please send it to other people of God that you know. God bless you.


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