How To Pray

Open Your Heart

Prayer is personal to everyone. Prayer should be a constant thing; you are connected with the Holy Spirit throughout the day. He is there to help you and guide you in all situations. A Course in Miracles in its booklet, "Song of Prayer", says it very well:

"Lay down your dreams, you holy Son of God, and rising up as God created you, dispense with idols and remember Him. Prayer will sustain you now, and bless you as you lift your heart to Him in rising song that reaches higher and then higher still, until both high and low have disappeared. Faith in your goal will grow and hold you up as you ascend the shining stairway to the lawns of Heaven and the gate of peace. For this is prayer, and here salvation is. This is the way. It is God's gift to you."

  1. Pray not for material things. God does not deal in physicality, so He does not have a new car or a new mate to give you. He will not change other people if you request that. What you already have is all of the Peace, Love, Abundance, Harmony, and Joy that there is because that is God’s Gift to you at your creation. You need nothing from outside yourself. The only true prayer is the prayer to yourself to accept that which you already have!
  2. Forgive, forgive, forgive! You may not approve of some things that are present or missing in your life right now, but in them abides your opportunity for spiritual growth as you learn to forgive and release.
  3. Accept and allow! As for physical things, since God’s Gift to you was Abundance, you are abundant right now! Open your heart to receive your Good and it will show up.
  4. Pray for help to remove the blocks to Love. Your prayer for assistance to remove the blocks to the Love’s Presence within you will result in healing your split mind. This healing will result in your letting go of ego attack thoughts, and removing fear, pain and guilt from your life. As you let go of attack thoughts (judgments) and greed thoughts, the major blocks to Love’s Presence will be removed, but you have to vigilant to keep these attack thoughts out of your life as completely as possible.
  5. Accept the Atonement. Accept Atonement (At-one-ment) now. What we mean by that is – seek for a closer walk with your Creator. At the root of all your “problems” is your seeming separation from God. Actually, all of your “problems” have already been solved because you are not now, nor have you ever been separate from God. This world is an illusion, an illusion that looks and feels real, but that does not make it any less an illusion. The Truth is that God is in everything you see. The challenge is for you to be vigilant for Him rather than this world of drama, trauma, and chaos.
  6. Be still and listen. If you have a specific question, God, as A Course in Miracles says, does not hear words as such. He sees only His Beloved Child in whom He is well pleased. God’s Answer (from within you) will always be Love. There is only one Mind which is the Mind of God, that to which the right-mind is tuned. And with that Love within you as your uppermost emotion, God’s Knowledge base is ever at hand. When connected to this Source, the answer to your question will come to you – as a hunch, a “coincidence,” a feeling, a picture, or sometimes in words. Maybe a helpful person (an Angel) will be drawn to you with a way to your answer, or with the thing you are seeking, or sometimes a gigantic Heavenly 2x4 will strike you on the head to get Its point across to you.
  7. Seek only Love all around you. As long as you think that you are a separate entity, your Note will be missing from the Song of the Universe. You need not seek to change the world, but to change your mind about the world. Seek only Love all around you – It is there. The degree to which you recognize this is the degree to which you will see It. The body but hinders your ability to truly see. The Blessings of God are with you now and for all time; be ye at peace!

God’s Answer

I see your tears,

I feel your pain,

Your anger and your fear.

Your choice these are,

And not of Mine

For I have not Loved in vain.


The choice is yours

To be apart,

Your memory is dim.

I’m with you now

Though seen afar.

Choose once again My Child!


Your questions sought

To justify your doubt

I ne’er can satisfy them all.

I have to Love

And Love again

Until we Love as One.


You are my Child,

I Love you as Myself.

Apart, together, I am sure

That we are now

At One in Love,

And One forevermore.


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Excellent! The guidlines transcend religious barriers! When you say Prayer, every one thinks praying for materialistic benefits. You have rightly taken it away in the first point itself!


By Anonymous