How To Prepare for Meditation

You have learned about meditation but require more information on how to prepare for it. This article will discuss some options that will help you set up the optimal environment for meditating, to make the experience more meaningful.

The first thing to consider when choosing an environment to meditate in is the noise level that will be present around you. For optimal meditation, this area needs to be as quiet as possible. Even small noises can be a huge distraction while you are trying to concentrate and will fill your mind with unnecessary thoughts that can prevent you from emptying it out.  

Also, when you are preparing to meditate you should arrange your immediate environment in such a way that is is easier for you to focus and to relax. Have a comfortable pillow to sit on; it should be high enough that your legs can comfortably be crossed at a lower level in front of you. This way, you will not get as tired during your meditation and can go for longer periods.

In addition, consider placing something in front of you to concentrate on such as a picture of a certain deity or other item. This doesn't even have to be a physical thing; it can be a thought or an image that you focus your mind on during this time.

Let others in your house know what you are doing, and ask that they not bother you. By setting up a quiet, comfortable area with minimal visual distractions, your meditation time will be more effective.

For yourself, you want to make sure that your body and mind are ready for this quiet, contemplative period. Do not eat any foods that are high in sugar or caffeine before you meditate as foods containing these ingredients will make your mind and body restless. Also, wear comfortable clothing and before you enter your chosen area begin to relax and calm your mind so that you can easily transition into a meditative state. Your body and mind should be relaxed.  You should be free of junk food and other chemicals that can distract you and make it hard to meditate.

By taking the time to carefully set up the area in which you will meditate and to mentally and physically prepare your body, your experience will be much more meaningful and you'll be able to maintain a longer period of contemplation. Starting with the tips offered above, you will be able to prepare for meditation with greater confidence.


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