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If you are appointed to a position to lead a Sunday service or any church service, you are full of anxiety, especially if it is your first time. You can sometimes feel so nervous that you may end up opening your mouth but nothing comes out. I remember the first time I was told to preside over a service; I didn't imagine I could do it.

When you find yourself in such a situation, or have been given the chance and you didn't perform well, follow these simple tips:

  1. Sanctify yourself. Cleanse yourself before God for you are going to stand before His people. Even if you are sure you haven't committed any sin, humble yourself before God. Acknowledge that you need God and His guidance to do anything in His house. The Bible encourages us to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in whatever we intend to do, and this exercise is no exception. Understand that when you stand before people to lead them in anything, you become a leader at that time, no matter the period or duration.

  2. Pull down strongholds. We fight, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and evil rulers in the heavenly places, so pull down any plans of the devil in the name of Jesus. Cancel all their plans and schemes against the people of God that day. Confuse all the agents of the devil in the name of Jesus. Declare victory for the church. Even Joshua of the Bible told the people to shout and proclaim that God had given them the city. Declare the church or your meeting place a sanctuary to worship God that day.

  3. Make all people in the congregation think alike. Where minds are divided, not much is achieved. You can bring attention to people, either by singing a soft hymn or saying a prayer in solidarity. It will help those that are not settled and the minds that are still wandering. Let all the assembly stand before God in humility, as you declare victory for the day. Movements should be restrained and children made to keep quiet, as no interruption should be allowed lest the attention of the people is disrupted.

  4. Invoke the spirit upon every activity in the church. All activities should be subjected to the leading of the Holy Ghost; emotions from testimonies or from the summoning should not be allowed to overtake the leading of the Holy Ghost. The program should be followed but through the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I have seen pastors who go past time due to emotions and end saying that they were being led by the spirit of God, to comfort those who might have run out of patience. When the Holy Spirit leads, everyone shall be comfortable with the situation (read the Day of Pentecost.)

  5. Appreciate diversity. Nature dictates that for every ten people, you will find diverse need and diverse problems. It is therefore not right to assume that everyone smiling in church doesn't have a problem or something bothering him or her. Take time to pray for people's problems; you need not call them to come forward but you can pray for them whenever they are mentioning common problems that people go through--sickness, hunger, anger, fear, etc. Beseech God on their behalf that they should not leave His presence with the same problems they came with. Remember that God is merciful.

  6. Thank God. When you ask something from somebody and you receive it, you always say thank you. Let it be so to God also. Thank Him for the success of the day. Never think that it is through your ability that success was realized. Remember the ten lepers that Jesus healed in the Bible? Only one came to appreciate and Jesus said, "Where are the other nine?"



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Very religious and helpful article. Hope everyone goes through it and more importantly, follows it rather than just going through and forgetting about it.

By Akshay Surendran