How To Remember that Jesus Loves You

Power in Christ's Presence

Jesus has promised that he will never leave nor forsake us. Even when things are going wrong around us, his presence is guaranteed. Here are some tips to help you remember that God is always available to you:

  1. Jesus promised that he will never leave us. Despite any difficulties you may face in life, Jesus is with you. His presence in your life serves as a foundation for your trust in him. Sometimes life may hand you some difficult times. At such times, if you know Christ in a personal way, then you will find comfort in calling upon him to come to your aid. This may involve putting your trust in him to see you through.

  2. You see, the level of your trust in God determines how much he does in your life. It all boils down to how much you trust him to do in your life. If you trust him for small things, he will do small things. But if you trust him for bigger things in your life, then God will do them for you. But the timing depends on him. And so does the decision on how much he does in your life. That's because your desire has to be in line with God's will. He will not hand you scorpions when he knows that they will harm you.

  3. God has given you free will. You are at liberty to decide the direction your life takes. He has also given you a conscience to warn you when you take the wrong turn. You need to be sensitive to your conscience, for it is the voice of the Spirit of God. It is comforting to know that despite the choices you make, God will be with you. Even when you take a wrong turn, God never leaves you. He does not give up on you. He is always there with you, hoping that you can find it in yourself to go back to him, to have fellowship with him. He loves you so much that he gave his only begotten son to die for your sins. That is proof enough that God will go to any length to win you to him.

  4. So when you go through happy or sad times, remember that God is with you. It serves as a comfort to know that he will never leave you. Friends and relatives may fail you but he will never fail. He loves you with an everlasting love and has paid a great price for you. Seek to know God and to walk in his ways. Rededicate your life to him and watch him do great and mighty things in your life. There's no telling how much God can do in the life of one who is totally given to his service.


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It takes some practice to remember this during the tough times, but it is a great thing to know and have, especially when we don't deserve it.

By Alan Hammond

Thank you for your article. It is well written and encouraging, especially as I think of a friend right now who is going through a lot of pain. I can really sense the care you have for people through this essay. Your second point, however, causes me to pause...I agree that it can FEEL like this is true, but the Bible shows that God is doing above and beyond what we can recognize whether or not our trust level is where it can be. I do believe that it is better to trust God and that I "see" better when I do, eventually! Thanks.

By Sarah Isaacson