How To Succeed in Life as a Youth

For the Youth of Today

Youth is a time of life that goes a long way in determining what a person becomes in adulthood and old age. It is within this time that one discovers his real potential, and also has the opportunity to decide who he wants to be in life. Some have chosen the wrong path and ended up with regrets, while some have chosen otherwise, and have ended up with happy families. Here are some of the things to consider:

  1. It all starts with you. A naughty young boy decided to shame one gray-haired old man in Big Tree Village, Kenya by asking him a question in front of other young lads. He captured a small grasshopper and closed it in his hand and went to the old man. He said to himself, "I will ask the old man to tell from his wisdom if the grasshopper in my hand is dead or alive." His plan was to prove the old man wrong. "If the old man says it is alive, I will squeeze it and kill it before I open my hand," he thought, "but if he says it is dead, I will open my hand and release it to hop away." He confronted the old man at the marketplace and asked the old man the question.

    The old looked at the young lad and told him, "It is up to you if the insect is alive or dead; its life is in your hands." For sure, the old man had won. Likewise, the life of a young man/woman is in his own hands; he can ruin it or steer it to desired heights. You determine your destiny as a young person. People tend to leave the youth on their own. It is a dangerous stage in life where you are being detached from your parents and still not married yet. So you are not answerable to anyone. You can party until late and there is no one to question you. Open up your mind and know that it all begins with you, and from this point, the future takes shape.

  2. Remember God in thy youth. Remember God in thy youth and let not the fantasies of that age overshadow God in your life. Put Him first in whatever you do. Seek His guidance in whatever you intend to do. In him lies all wisdom and knowledge that you need in this life. Pray and read the Bible often. Your inner being needs to connect with the supernatural power of God. Attend church services in your locality often. Desire to learn about living a godly life as a young man. Do not be wasting time away with things that are temporal. Set your goals and present them to God in prayer.
  3. Create a network of friends and people of worth. Have around you people who are better than you, so that from them you can learn a lot. Look for pals and friends who are genuine, not those friends who only hang around you yet add no value to your life. Friends that cannot advise you against bad acts are not worth taking along. You ought to have a network of people with whom you can share biblical values and doctrine, go to church with, or create prayer and Bible study groups together. Create strong bonds with people that will be there in difficult times. In this kind of group, you will never feel lonely. You will have someone to share with in difficult times, but be there for your friends when they are in difficult times as well. That’s what friendship is about.
  4. Have cause for blessings. Go to school and acquire knowledge, read books and become enterprising, or study and become a doctor, but have the reason to attract the blessings of God into your life. God will always bless you through something. There was a widow in the Bible who came to the servant of God, Elisha, seeking help. The first question the man of God asked the woman was if she had something that God could use to solve her problem. Luckily, the woman had a small bottle of oil in her house. God used that to bless her abundantly.

    Start a business or get a job, then pray that God will use your job or your business to open the windows of blessings for you. Blessings and curses have this in common; they do not visit a person without due cause. Remember Deuteronomy? If you shall do this, blessings will come, if don't do this, the curse shall befall you. That remains the rule.

  5. If you get enough, do not forget God, and if you lack, do not undermine His Grace. If you get to live in houses that you didn't build and eat of the vineyards that you didn't labor to grow, don't forget God. That was the command to the Israelites when they were entering Canaan. If you come across favors and honor, if you find yourself with plenty, don't think it's because you are smart or hardworking. The race is not to the swift, neither is the battle to the strong. Likewise, if you are in need or poor, remember the mercies of God are new every morning. When you have a bad day, do not carry it to the next day. Pray that tomorrow God will visit you in a special way. When you are lacking today, there is no indication that you will continue lacking. You may lack today, but have what you wanted the next day. Say, "Amen." Don't undermine yourself because you don't have something. Walk with your head held high and admit that today you have not, but tomorrow will be different. God is still God, and reigns.
  6. Be a role model and share your experiences. Be ready to offer advice to those who need it. Share with other people the goodness of God. As you encourage others, and lead the way for the younger ones, so you better yourself. Determine to be a role model by living a pure life as a Christian. God bless you.


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