How To Tell if Your Psychic Reading Is Genuine

Belief in paranormal experiences such as psychic readings have become is divisive as religion. Some people believe wholeheartedly that there are people able to read their thoughts and predict their future. Others swear off psychic or paranormal phenomena as nonsense or scams.

Whatever the reason, most people will probably try or participate in a psychic reading at least once in their lives. It may be on a dare, a whim or in the midst of personal problems that they want fresh insight on.

Whether you believe in genuine psychic readings or not, there are definitely those who use it as an illegal moneymaking scheme. These can prey on genuine believers, gullible people or even nonbelievers. These charlatans can use a number of tricks to get people to divulge personal information or give over money or valuables.

Cold Reading  Some fake psychics use cold reading to appear to have extraordinary insight. They typically begin by stating a general fact and gauging the customer's reaction. A simple nod or turn of the head can let them know whether they are right or wrong. Body language and gestures will guide the so-called psychic in making predictions.

Set Dressing  Stereotypical paranormal people often espouse new age values. Be wary of the psychic whose office appears as if it was transported straight from the sixties. Excessive amounts of crystals, beads and tribal prints may be overcompensating for a lack of actual psychic ability.

Some psychics do use some implements to set the mood. These may be candles or incense to help them relax or focus. But the real psychic does not rely on fanfare or effects such as paranormal-sounding music to make predictions.

Trust your gut. Your own intuition will often tell you if there is something untrustworthy about the psychic. The psychic may also begin to state information about you that is contradictory, unfamiliar or too general. In this case, you can stop the reading and leave immediately. You may still need to pay the fees of the psychic. Most will refuse to accept payment if the session was not too long. Some, particularly those perpetuating the scam for money, will insist on getting paid.

Questions, Questions, Questions Another way for psychics to appear to make predictions is by letting the customer lead the session. Scam artists ask questions that will guide the conversation. This often results in clients reaching a certain conclusion on their own. Real psychics may ask one or two questions during the course of an hour-long session. These help the psychics clarify if there are confusing parts in the reading. But consistent questions take the guesswork out of predictions and simply mislead clients.

Amulets, Potions and Blessings  Some psychics may appear to be legitimate at first until they start offering additional services. These can be offers of blessings or special charms. Some may even insist that you need to come back for one reason or another. A common scam is to get customers hooked to build trust and then start asking for increasing amounts of money in exchange for a variety of services.

Personal Information  Do not give detailed personal information under any circumstances. Give your full name and birth date if necessary. There is absolutely no reason to give your Social Security Number (SSN) or home address.

Signs of a Genuine Psychic Self-proclaimed genuine psychics often say they give readings more to help people and not just to earn money. These are often the safer to go to, and more reliable.

Reasonable Charges  Famous psychics typically charge large sums of money because of their reputation. However, your neighborhood Tarot card reader does not need to charge exorbitant prices just to read your cards.

No Advertisements Advertising your services means you actually want to turn a profit. This signifies that the psychic may be thinking of the readings as a money making opportunity and not an actual show of talent.

Word-of-Mouth  Good or genuine psychics become famous because satisfied clients talk about them. They give accurate readings and provide the best service to customers.



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