How To Use Talismans

Are you hoping to change your luck?  Do you want better health, increased wealth or maybe a new romantic partner to better enjoy your life? Welcome to the world of talismans, ordinary objects ranging from medals, coins and crystals to rings and charms; talismans are magically charged with the power to do something good for the person who carries or wears them. Usually talismans are small enough to wear or to carry in a person's pocket, wallet, or purse or hang on a doorknob, rearview mirror or wall hook.

Use talismans to protect yourself when travelling by plane, automobile or train. Hang a medal that has been charged with safe travel on the rearview mirror, or tuck it into the glove compartment or behind the sun visor. Designate a picture or figurine of your favorite god or goddess as the "god/goddess of easy parking" and charge it to always find you the quickest, most convenient parking space wherever you go.

Offices, work spaces, and computers are very useful places to employ talismans for business success. Put a coin charged with prosperity or a crystal charged with making money somewhere nearest the space where you spend your work life. Charge an elf figurine or wishnik doll and set it atop your computer tower to guard against viruses and computer operating snafus.

Do you find yourself working or living with negative people or being exposed to negative environments that just make you feel yucky?  Carry a sponge ball as a talisman whenever you are around these people or situations and charge it to soak up the negativity floating around in the ether.  At the end of the day, rinse out your negativity talisman with water or rub it with sea salt to clear it of all the negative energy it has accumulated so it's ready to do its job again the next day.

A favorite necklace or bracelet can become a good health talisman when you charge it with removing any energy blocks in your body and wear it so that it comes into contact with your bare skin.  You can also charge a good health talisman with the purpose of helping you lose weight or be inspired to eat only foods that will be healthy for you.

Many athletes wear talismans to protect them from injury during a game or competition.  A surfer's cross, worn as a necklace, is a good example of a talisman worn by surfers hopking to catch the big wave without threat of a wipe-out.

Talismans, especially rose quartz, can be charged with attracting or increasing love in your life, although no talisman can guarantee the right romantic partner.  Have fun searching for objects that appeal to you in some magical fashion and use them as talismans to increase luck, love, money and health in your life.


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