Meditating for Beginners

The most important thing for a beginner who wants to meditate is to have patience. Meditation requires a lot of patience from the person who wants to practice it. It is not something that should be rushed or taken lightly as well. Meditation takes serious commitment from the practitioner and that person should see things through if they are serious about practicing meditation.

So how does one meditate? Is it something as simple as sitting down, lighting some incense and closing your eyes? Of course there are a lot of things you should consider first before you even start to meditate.

First you have to find a quiet place. Find a place where you can’t be disturbed or somewhere with out loud noises. Try your bedroom or your garden or any comfortable open space with fresh air. Make sure you are far from any roads where the cars and their horns won’t be able to bother you. The last thing you’d want to hear is the loud honking of cars while you’re trying to meditate. The most important thing in meditation is to have some sense of calmness, and calmness is not associated with loud noises. Try playing some sounds that evoke a sense of calm like the sound of birds chirping, or crickets or even a stream of water flowing.

The next step sounds simple but really isn’t – relaxing. Most people have forgotten how to relax in coping with our busy and stressful life these days. Make sure that a sense of calm surrounds you. You’d have the hardest time relaxing in a stressful area. Try relaxing one body part at a time instead of the all the body parts at the same time. This will help you focus and not have your thoughts scattered which can be detrimental to you trying to relax.

Focus on your breathing, take slow deep breaths and breathe out slowly. Be conscious of your breathing technique. Many people are surprised when they see how focusing on your breathing can help you relax. The next step is to focus on just one thing. As mentioned earlier, focusing on too many things will scatter your thoughts. This will only make the process of relaxing yourself that much harder.

Listen to the sound of flowing water, the birds chirping or even the air whistling around you. This is when you can start meditating. If you feel that your focus is starting to drift away, don’t worry because that is normal. When you feel that drift, just bring back your focus. Once you’ve gotten used to this, meditation will be much easier for a beginner.

The simplest techniques often are the best ones and work almost all the time. Don’t be fooled by all the complicated techniques out there, successful meditation take focus, relaxation and calmness. There’s no need to light up incense or recite different chants in order to meditate. Meditation should not be complicated; remember that complication only deters relaxation. That defeats the whole idea of meditation.


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