How To Read People's Minds Like a Psychic

Psychic with crystal ball

There is still no real scientific basis that reading minds is possible. Some psychics claim to read minds but science explains such ability as merely reading body language or making educated guesses from the person's statements. Reading the minds of people just like a psychic can actually be learned and practiced. Learn and practice the psychic's technique and how they use it to make accurate guesses.

You will need to have the following to help you "read people's minds" just like a psychic:

A pleasing appearance and character, a keen and observant eye, leading statements, listening skills, a comprehensive knowledge of human nature and the ability to read body language. Once you have these things you may now start "reading people's minds" using this procedure:

  1. Make the person who you are mindreading comfortable around you. Show body language that will ease the person. You should smile a lot and show interest in the person. Keep your arms unfolded and your body and feet should point towards theirs to show openness.
  2. See if the person feels relaxed. Gauge how relaxed they are by reading their palms like a psychic reader. Shake their hands and observe if they are cold and clammy or hot and sweaty. If so, these signs indicate unease.
  3. Study the person's face. Keenly observe the upper portion of the face. For example, a fake smile does not crease the eyes. Even if the person seems smiling, he or she may be really be feeling nervous and skeptical.
  4. Fish for valuable information. You could do this by making a general statement that will help you fish for information. Prepare sentences that are vague and can be applied to anyone and at any time. Examples: "You seem to be worried about something, aren't you?" or "Something is bothering your mind lately."
  5. Listen carefully. The person's responses can be used to your advantage and help you "read minds" apparently. Once the person gets emotional, you know you hit a nerve. But if the person does not react, you should switch to another subject. One way of doing this is using a psychic trick known as the Barnum reading, a method named after P.T. Barnum. This trick essentially provides the listener what they want to hear. This could be in a form of general information and descriptions that are applicable to most people (see Step four). Use leading questions or even handed statements. Watch out for physical signs of recognition so you know what to zero on in.
  6. Observe the person's body language, including expressions like the blinking of eyes and nodding of the head. For example, the person who lies when he says he's not worried about something will nod head up and down as if to hide the denial.
  7. You should ask the person about something almost everyone has in common like a box of old photos then use the response to get more information. Other items that people can identify with are: scar on the knee, a meaningful piece of jewelry, childhood incident involving water, and unmatched keys.
  8. Learn how to interpret basic body language. A person who has his hands clasped behind his back is confident. A person who crosses his arms indicates dislike or guardedness. A person with his thumbs hooked in his pocket is showing his sexual availability. This is interpreted the same way with a woman who plays with her hair or who entwines her legs. A person's pupil grows larger when he or she is excited. Biting one's nails shows nervousness.
  9. Try to mirror a person's movements. This will establish intimacy with the person and it will not only help you to read a person's mind better, it will make them more prone to opening up to you.

You now have plenty of information about the person and it would seem that you can read people's minds just like a psychic.


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